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Rosebud Sat, Apr-26-03 23:13

25 minutes brisk walk.

I think it's interesting that the recommencement of my exercise programme 6 days ago has coincided with the return of a decent weight loss (5.2 lbs in 5 days). Of course commencing the Old Timers Challenge has definitely helped the weight loss (Stillman for the last 5 days) but I'm sure the exercising has also played a significant part. Keep it up, Rozzie!

10.15 PM Back pretty sore tonight, so only did around 10 mins of pretty gentle back ex.

Rosebud Mon, Apr-28-03 06:11

10 mins gentle back exercises this morning.

Then a 20 minute walk this evening, followed by another 10 minutes back attack.
Biceps 12,12,12
Pecs 10,10
Triceps 12,12,15

Rosebud Tue, Apr-29-03 20:25

Forgot to write up my humble exercising attempts yesterday.

Walk: 20 mins
Back ex: 10 mins

Rosebud Wed, Apr-30-03 07:28

Walk 35 mins.
Back ex: 20 mins - really should be doing 'em more than once. :bash:
Biceps 12,12,15
Triceps 15,15,15

Measuring day tomorrow! :rolleyes:

Rosebud Sun, Oct-19-03 15:12

Poor little gym log. It's been shoved at the very back of the cupboard for over 5 months! Well time to get it out and dust it off.

I've been walking plenty - see the pedometer challenge. And I've been doing some Pilates exercises for my back, but they've been pretty haphazard.
And my arms...ahem, until yesterday hadn't done any since I last posted here. :blush: No wonder they flap enough for me to fly away...


I took 12000 steps, or 6 Km.

Back ex - 20 mins

Biceps: 10,12
Pecs: 8,8
Triceps: 10,15

Will measure myself soon. It will be interesting to compare with my original stats.

Rosebud Mon, Oct-20-03 16:01

Had a bad day yesterday (Monday). Developed a nasty headache as the day wore on, so not much exercise.

Steps - 6600

Back exercises
20 mins

Head still horrible so not sure what I'll manage today. :rolleyes:

Rosebud Tue, Oct-21-03 14:20


The head remained horrible, accompanied by lots of nausea and upchucking.
So only 4000 steps.
No back exercises.

But somehow, I did some arm exercises. :thup:

Biceps 10,10,10
Pecs 10,10
Triceps 10,10,15

Rosebud Sat, Oct-25-03 16:33

The head took a few days to come good, but is now completely better.

No back ex, due to head. But managed 11400 steps.

9800 steps.
Back ex 30"
Biceps: 10,10,12
Pecs: 10,10
Triceps: 10,10,14

11400 steps
Back: 23"

9800 steps
Back: 15"

Rosebud Sun, Oct-26-03 17:43


Pretty good day really. Although I'm still not doing 2 lots of back exercises as I should. :rolleyes:

Steps: 9200
Back ex: 25"
Biceps: 10,10,12
Pecs: 10,10
Triceps: 10,10,15

Rosebud Sun, Dec-14-03 20:45

Yikes, I've been neglecting this again! :mad: Can't believe I haven't been here since October.

I will try harder this time.

Yesterday's steps: 12400


Back ex: 25 + 15"
Various leg ex: 15"

Rosebud Tue, Dec-16-03 15:59

Hmm, I'd like to be recording how much exercising I did yesterday, but alas, I cannae do that.
Unfortunately, I overdid the back ex on Sunday. And possibly the steps, too. (12000 on Sun). Mr Back complained loud and long yesterday. It didn't help that I was tired too. Classic Catch-22. Can't sleep because the back hurts, and the back hurts more because I'm so tired. :daze: So last night I drugged myself to the gills, tucked my HWB in behind me and went off to dreamland early. Still VERY sore this morning, but settling with my friend Mr Hottle. Maybe later today I'll be able to gently do something.
Memo to self - next time I can do no ex due to a week long bout of diverticulitis, ease back into the exercising gently and slowly. :rolleyes:

6800 steps yesterday.

Rosebud Wed, Dec-17-03 16:10

Couldn't manage any exercises yesterday. But did manage to take 11000 steps! :thup:

Rosebud Thu, Dec-18-03 14:35

Thursday (yesterday)

Another 11000 steps.

About 5 minutes of gentle back exercises, mostly stretches. Not sure what I'll manage today, as I'm all snuffly with a cold. I'll just keep moving as best I can.

Rosebud Fri, Dec-19-03 15:28


10800 steps

Still taking things slowly otherwise.

Back exercises:
AM: 5"
PM" 10"

Rosebud Sat, Dec-20-03 07:40


13600 steps

Back ex: 15"
Biceps: 12,12
Pecs: 8,8
Triceps: 12,12,15
Hand grips: 10,10
Must remember to do more hand grips!

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