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2bthinner! Sun, May-27-12 12:08

Starting again
Today I did 10 minutes on the stationary rower.

I was doing P90X, but I screwed my knee up so I took some time off. It seems better now, and rowing doesn't hurt it.

I know 10 minutes isn't much, but I wanted to start light and not put myself backwards.

2bthinner! Thu, Jun-07-12 04:17

I tried to ride the rower yesterday, but DH was calling me with encouragement for my job interview and I ended up only riding about 5 minutes. LOL

2bthinner! Tue, Jan-01-13 13:22

2bthinner! Tue, Jan-01-13 13:27

Rode the rower for 10 minutes.

1283 meters

25/26 strokes per min. (or meter, will have to check the book)

Obviously going easy. Also I fell a while back, and my stupid knees are still sore if I have to kneel for anything. (Like cleaning the tub).

Meal today,
Coffee, some spam. I didn't weigh the spam, but it was probably two servings.

Tuna salad.
Can of tuna, drained
tbs mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)
tbs purple onion
tbs sweet relish
avocado. This isn't usually in it.

4:31 Two cheese sticks.

vsalmon Fri, Jan-25-13 00:00

Good for you starting slow...still around?

2bthinner! Mon, May-07-18 17:52

Well, back...
I hadn't been exercising much and didn't read my gym log. I have actually rowed over a million meters! LOL Didn't lose a whole lot, but had some life stresses in the way. Thanks for stopping by. My hip - yeah, I tell myself this extra weight isn't great for my balance... LOL It is better, so I am planning to get back into it regularly. I had gotten up to rowing for 45 minutes/ 8000 meters. That was only a few months ago.

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