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nikkigb Thu, Feb-02-06 21:06

protein powder
Hello everyone,
I am in phase 1 of the Atkins WOE and was wondering if I could make my own shakes using Designer Whey Protein powder?

Brook Thu, Feb-02-06 23:09

Well, you can do anything you want to, really.

However (you knew this was coming, right?! ;) ) - on Atkins Induction "if it ain't on the list, it shouldn't cross your lips". The mantra of the tried-and-true Atkineer.

RedJodie Fri, Feb-03-06 06:13

Stick to whole foods, they'll fill you up more. And for me, chewing satisfies me more than just drinking something....

nedgoudy Fri, Feb-03-06 19:30

It works for me! :wave:

I use 3 protein shakes
a day as my regular
food intake, supplementing
a real LOW/CARB dinner a
few nights a week and I am
maintaining an 82 lb weightloss.

See more information I have written
on this topic in the forums at:

Links listed above contain information
on the health benefits of the program
as well as tips on where to get your powder
and which ones are best. Hope this helps.

Rosebud Fri, Feb-03-06 19:33

Originally Posted by nedgoudy
It works for me! :wave:

But you are not doing Atkins. ;)

Nikki, I agree with Brook and RedJodie. Stick to what's on the approved lists, and you will soon achieve success.

All the best to you!


bride911 Fri, Feb-03-06 22:26

i love the wey protien drinks and i used them during induction, but i really think it stalled my weight loss...i didn't get nearly the loss i had gotten the first time i started atkins...just stick to the list until you are done with induction and then add in the shakes...they are great for curbing hunger

nedgoudy Sat, Feb-04-06 21:19

Originally Posted by Rosebud
But you are not doing Atkins. ;



I have thought about this quite a bit since
you posted this message to me in response
to my reply about Protein Shakes.

A complete analysis of my diet on an average
day indicates that I only intake 108 grams of

I got the following stats on an website
link at:

"So what is 'low-carb'?

* The National Academy of Sciences recommends no less than 120 grams of carbs per day
* The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 300 grams of carbs per 2000 calories (about 60% of total calories)
* Atkins initially recommends 20 grams per day (less than 5%)
* Protein Power recommends about 12-15% of calories should be carbs
* The Zone advises keeping carbs at 40% of total calories "

ON my losing diet regime I consumed about
1,300 calories a day on average.

I consume about 170 grams of protein a day x 4 = 680 calories.

I consume 108 grams of carbohydrates from the skim milk
I drink x 4 calories is 432 calories.

I also eat a large piece of chicken or turkey or red meat
each night for dinner too. 4 oz of turkey = about 25 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat.

So When I was on a losing diet I was consuming daily

170 grams of protein
108 grams of carbohydrates, and
25 grams of fat per day

That means that about 30 percent of
my intake per day was in carbs.

I am BELOW the ADA recommendation above
by 20 points. I am below the RDA by 50%
and I am below the ZONE diet by 25%.
And I don't think I am too far off from what
Eades suggests. (his website suggests around
50 carbs for best results, but I doubt he means
to live on that forever.)

I am not sure what Atkins said your final
level of carbs could be, but as far as I am
concerned, (I will repeat) I am doing what
works for me and one helluva lot less carbs
that Joe and Jill Jellybelly on the average
American fastfood diet.

You are right, however, that I don't do Atkins to
the letter. For one, as a 55 year old male I tend to
watch the fat content I eat. I do take a Fish Oil
Supplement which I forgot to count above, but
stay away from fatty meats.

I just prefer to bet my life on a lower fat alternative.

But as far as low carb goes, I am a great believer. I
don't do sugar or white flour and stay away from potatoes
and rice and other grains. And no fried foods.

I do cheat once in a while, but I never bring home foods
that I have a tendency to binge on that are not low carb
or allowable veggies.

I am now eating more per day on top of my 3 protein
shakes and am actually still losing a little weight.
I never feel deprived as the mix of HI Protein and
moderate carbs (and a little caffeine) keep me rev'n
between meals.

I will settle for calling myself a LOWER CARBER. :lol:
But I personally have no problem with drinking milk.

Everyone else's mileage may vary, and I am sure that
most of the successful people on these forums, those
that have lost their weight and those that ARE losing their
weight have modified plans to a certain extent too.

Peace to you and yours,

Rosebud Sat, Feb-04-06 23:21

Ned, I am not for a second disputing that your own plan is low carb, nor that is works well for you.

My point was, and is, that this is the Atkins forum which means that discussion of plans other than Atkins is better conducted in the General Low Carb, or other forums. ;)


Alastair Sun, Feb-05-06 06:22

Rosebud- Im not sure why you are saying Ned is not doing Atkins. As I recall, Atkins themselves make protein shakes which are listed as suitable for induction in my Atkins books.

Brook Sun, Feb-05-06 15:29

ANA makes protein shakes - and they are allowed in the book that the ANA wrote - which is a giant commercial for their product consumption IMNSHO. They allow a lot of things previous books said no to, and the things they allow put money in their pockets. I'm still bitter that the ANA went all "Slimfast" on us. ...Regardless.

Dr. Atkins wrote the induction allowed foods list as well as the induction rules.

Rule 5 of said Induction Rules:
Eat nothing that is not on the acceptable foods list. And that means absolutely nothing! Your "just this one taste won't hurt" rationalization is the kiss of failure during this phase of Atkins.

It's pretty straight forward.

Ned readily admits he doesn't follow Atkins. I wouldn't dispute that the plan he follows is low carb or that it works for him- it obviously has and with great success, but it's not Atkins.

Nikkigb asked for Atkins Induction specific advice, and that's what Nikkigb got.

On Atkins Induction - not the ANA's version of it - if it's not on the list, it shouldn't cross your lips :)

Rosebud Sun, Feb-05-06 15:36

Originally Posted by Alastair
Rosebud- Im not sure why you are saying Ned is not doing Atkins. As I recall, Atkins themselves make protein shakes which are listed as suitable for induction in my Atkins books.

Hi Alastair,
First of all, Ned accurately lists his plan as being something other than Atkins.

And if you look at the earlier posts, you will see that his low fat (Dr Atkins was quite definite that his was a high fat plan) style of eating is far from Atkins.

Again, I am not criticizing Ned's particular plan as such. It works for him and that is great.

But this is the Atkins forum. Therefore it is for discussion of the Atkins plan. :) And the original Atkins plan, written when he was still alive, advocated whole foods rather than "frankenfoods."

Unfortunately, after Dr Atkins' death, the Atkins organization concentrated more on marketing their products than in promoting the use of whole foods, as Dr Atkins himself advocated.


RickinTN Sun, Feb-05-06 15:38

I wouldn't do anything but the approved stuff on Atkins induction list.

I also wouldn't use a protein shake for a meal. HOWEVER, if you work out or for one of your snacks, after your induction period, a shake won't hurt you. I work out and drink one as soon as I get home from working out. It just gives me a boost of protein to start healing the muscles in my body I have worked out that day.

If you do decide to do Designer Whey, I would recommend trying to find the Carb Countdown milk to mix it with. It gives it a creamier and better taste. It has a few more carbs than water. But, worth it

potatofree Sun, Feb-05-06 15:45

Hmmm... page 129, under "Convenience Foods" says :

"Although it is important that you eat primarily unprocessed foods, some controlled-carb food products can come in handy when you are unable to find appropriate food, can't take time for a meal, or need a quick snack."

He goes on to caution you to read labels carefully and not overdo it, but in my interpretation, that would allow for the occasional shake if the carb count is low enough.

Dodger Sun, Feb-05-06 15:47

Atkins (DANDR) does allow some processed CL foods under certain circumstances. P129
Convenience Foods

Although it is important that you eat primarily unprocessed foods, some controlled carb food products can come in handy when you are unable to find appropriate food, can't take time for a meal or need a quick snack.

Brook Sun, Feb-05-06 15:55

"Unable to find appropriate food."

If you can get to a store to buy a shake, you can buy a salad with some deli meat or whatever- and they even have forks right there for ya ;)

In 4 years on plan - with travels and kids and work and whatnot, I have yet to find myself in a position where I was "unable to find appropriate food". - Even for a quick snack. As for no time, well, keeping a little Atkins Survival Kit in the vehicle or at your desk is invaluable - it just takes a bit of planning ahead :)

Even the exception listed on page 129 is contradictory. How do you follow the Rules of Induction while eating this stuff?!! - LOL

<shrug> YMMV :)

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