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CarlieW Mon, Jun-28-21 05:44

The book?
I have read The 30 Day Low Carb Solution. I have followed the guidelines for about 10 days now and I really like it.

Do you think Protein Power is worth reading?

Kristine Mon, Jun-28-21 09:52

Hi. I read it from the library as my intro to LC eating, but I'd recommend getting "Protein Power LifePlan." They described it as the book they wanted to write, but their publisher at the time had pressured them into making PP a diet book. PPLP has more info on other lifestyle factors like sunlight, exercise, and important nutrients.

Ms Arielle Mon, Jun-28-21 10:01

Yes, worth reading if to have the background info. To use as your diet of choice resource book ? , I 'll leave that angle for a user of PP.

I spent a summer tracking down every low carb book. Each brought a tidbit of info...... Scoured used book stores when such existed 15 years ago. Kept all my copies for reference.

wbahn Mon, Jun-28-21 10:49

I would echo MsA's comment. When I started I bought every LC book I could find and each brought additional information and, as expected, some of it was contradictory. A few things to keep in mind -- any book is going to have some slants to it. They are trying to push something, even if it's just book sales. Also, just as we are increasingly seeing how much the mainstream medical establishment has gotten wrong, for a variety of reasons, or the degree to which new research is revealing things previously unknown or not understood, we can't assume that everything the new generation of LC proponents tout is without flaw. Also, there are plenty of LC snake-oil salesmen out there, just as there are in any other field.

So look for education and use that education to make your own decisions, being prepared that some of your decisions will be wrong, at least for you, and you will need to revisit them and revise your approach.

Benay Tue, Jun-29-21 09:12

I lost my 80 pounds on Protein Power
I did buy and read Protein Power Life Plan
I recommend both
The one thing that needed changing in Protein Power was the recommendation to keep fats down - so don't eat too many eggs because of the fat content, etc. I am sure this was to please the publishers who were afraid to go against the Dietary Recommendations for Americans.
I recommend it as a reference. The Eades always give the chemistry and physiology to make their recommendations acceptable.

BawdyWench Mon, Jul-12-21 07:57

The Drs. Eades are working on their new book, called "Protein Power 2.0." Not sure when it will be published. He refers to it sometimes in his new newsletter. Here's a link to the latest version. You can sign up to receive these weekly newsletters if you like. They come out every Thursday.

This link looks odd, but it seems to work.

Of all the LC/health books I've read (and that's been a LOT), Protein Power is still the top of my list. As one person mentioned, there are a lot of conflicting advice in the books, so you just have to stick with the expert whose message resonates with you the most. For me, that's Dr. Eades. A very close second is Eric Westman, but mostly because of his podcasts rather than his books.

bluesinger Mon, Jul-12-21 09:00

When I need an LC "lift" I always go back to my Atkins 1972 book. It worked for me in 1972 and it works for me now.

One difference is that since my stint in the hospital I've been making certain the first thing I have on rising is a Premiere (Protein 30gm) drink. Already cold and ready. BTW, Walmart has an Equate brand equivalent that costs half as much.

CarlieW Tue, Jul-13-21 04:05

Bluesinger, I like the idea of a LC lift.

Benay, I am glad to know that PP worked for you. That gives me hope.

I am trying to use everything I can find to help me stick with this.

WereBear Tue, Jul-13-21 07:10

Originally Posted by CarlieW
I have read The 30 Day Low Carb Solution. I have followed the guidelines for about 10 days now and I really like it.

Do you think Protein Power is worth reading?

I really liked it. Got me into whey protein smoothies with coconut oil.

I agree with the other posters: I have always been glad to have read a low carb/keto/health-through-diet kind of book.

Here's some of my favorites:

Death by Food Pyramid

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

Good Calories, Bad Calories

CarlieW Wed, Jul-14-21 17:12

My book arrived today. I am excited to read it. I bought the Lifeplan book.

JEY100 Sat, Jul-17-21 05:10

Here's the latest newsletter:

It is being shared around Twitter, etc because Dr Eades high praise of Dr Ted Naiman and his P:E Diet, based on the Protein Leverage Hypothesis.

Newsletter is always long…start here:

The Protein-Leverage Hypothesis

This is another that could have been in the From the Mailbag section as I've had at least 20 people email me asking about it.

The leading proponent of the theory, at least as is practiced in overweight patients, is Ted Naiman, M.D. He's written a terrific book on his program filled with spectacular photographs of beautiful food, which you can buy here on Kindle or through his website.

His results pretty much speak for themselves. If you follow his book, I guarantee you will lose weight and get in much better shape just working out at home.

Dr. Naiman bases his program on the protein-leverage hypothesis derived by David Raubenheimer, PhD. and Stephen Simpson, PhD., researchers from Australia who worked together at Oxford. Dr. Naiman's patients have great results with his program as has he himself, as you can see from his photos. I have no doubt that substituting protein for carbohydrate will bring about weight loss and improvements in health, but I'm not so sure about the mechanism of the protein-leverage hypothesis.

In essence, what the protein-leverage hypothesis hypothesizes is that animals eat until they meet their protein requirements, then they quit. If they eat a high-carb, low-protein diet, they will consume a lot of carb calories until they finally meet their protein requirements, then they'll quit eating. Same with high fat and low protein. Animals will feed on a high-fat, low-protein diet until they hit their protein threshold, then quit. But in both cases, they will over consume either carb or fat calories trying to get enough protein.

According to the hypothesis, if animals are presented with high-protein levels along with their fat and/or carbs, they will consume fewer calories and lose weight or maintain. Makes sense. But does it work? And what does the literature say about it".……Continues in Newsletter linked above.

If you want a simple, effective way to lose weight, try the P:E diet too. See the recents posts at:

The diet on one page (tips are good too)

WereBear Sat, Jul-17-21 06:42

Thanks so much, Janet. This summary really helps me understand the Protein Leverage Hypothesis. It sort of crystallized for me how my own, highly individual, plan works that way, too.

When we consider how carbs are NOT a required nutrient, and how fat is highly satiating (suggesting we don't need it in quantity,) that only leaves protein, which we know is a vital nutrient: the most important in terms of rebuilding the entire body. With keto/low carb, fat is what we burn for energy. Then it's easy to see the difference between what the body needs in terms of fuel: and building blocks.

BawdyWench Sat, Jul-17-21 07:59

Dr. Eades just posted on the protein leverage hypothesis in his latest newsletter, about halfway down. He questions some of the conclusions because of how the human "studies" (actually "study") was done. It's more extrapolation from insect studies than real information from human studies. Still, he says, "I would implicitly trust Ted Naiman to take care of me or one of my loved ones. His book is the real thing."

CarlieW Sun, Jul-18-21 13:54

Thank you for the links. They are extremely informative!!!

JEY100 Fri, Jul-23-21 02:28

An update on the new book, PP 2.0!
We can suggest topics!

MD and I have Protein Power 2.0 about half to two thirds written. When we started the project we didn't want to just create a rehash of Protein Power with a little new research thrown in. Our plan from the outset was to write a brand new book filled with exciting info. And that's what we've done so far. But the above reader's question made me think about what MD and I think is new and exciting versus what readers really want to learn about.

When I first started taking care of overweight patients using carbohydrate restriction way back in the mid-1980s, I did a short presentation every Wednesday evening in one of our clinics. Afterward, there would be a Q & A. As it turned out, my presentation morphed quickly because it became apparent from the questions I got that the people thinking about starting the program had completely different questions and concerns than those I, as a practitioner, figured they would have.

So, I'm putting out the call to readers of The Arrow to help. Please send me a rundown of what you would like to learn from Protein Power 2.0. Don't be shy. Let me know.

Don't just reply to this newsletter. Write to me at:

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