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IdahoSpud Mon, Mar-14-22 00:36

Sigh... Back on the horse.

1.67 miles, 32 minutes, Avg speed 3.2 MPH.
A little short of breath, and a little tightness in the chest.
To be expected after a 7 week hiatus, I suppose.

IdahoSpud Tue, Mar-29-22 17:19

Distance 2 miles even
Time 31:05
Average speed 3.9 mph

Sniggle Tue, Mar-29-22 17:32

Welcome back, and congrats for getting back to it! I keep myself motivated focused on the long game....I may not be the best looking, I may not be the richest, but if I work out and maintain a healthy weight, I maybe can outlast them all:-) I also hope to do one more mountain climbing trip with my son..South American volcanoes...and I can't do it is I am 225.

IdahoSpud Thu, Mar-31-22 17:17

Sniggle - Thanks for stopping by and for sharing a positive attitude! Good luck in South America, it sounds like it will be amazing!

IdahoSpud Thu, Mar-31-22 17:17

More walking
1 mile even
Avg speed 3.9 mph

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-05-22 02:25

2.4 miles, 43 minutes
about 3.3 mph avg pace

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-12-22 13:12

DAMN! Am I the only one keeping a gym log on this site anymore? Looks like. Oh well.

Brisk walk
30 minutes even
1.85 miles (4km), for an average speed of 3.7 miles/hr (8km/hr)

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-16-22 23:42

Walkabout (last night)
30 minutes
1.95 miles for 3.9 mph average

I'll see about a stair-climbing session tonight now that I've got some cardio conditioning done.

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-17-22 05:19

Did some stairs. It was rough. I am not cardio-fit at all currently
10 trips up and down the two flights
6:10, Avg heart rate 149.
I was huffing and puffing by the third trip up. It can only get better, LOL.

IdahoSpud Sat, Jul-02-22 03:47

1 mile walk
3.5 miles/hr average speed.

IdahoSpud Sat, Jul-02-22 19:51

10 minutes even on the elliptical, least resistance setting
1.34 miles, 1291 strides, Avg heart rate 160.

Way different level of cardio stress than walking big circles at work.

IdahoSpud Sun, Jul-03-22 19:20

15 minutes even on the elliptical, lowest resistance again
2 miles even.
1922 strides
164 avg Heart Rate.

Huffing and puffing. Was above 170 BPM for the last 5 minutes

IdahoSpud Mon, Jul-04-22 23:41

Stairs 12 trips up and down
Avg heart rate 154.

Brisk walk 30 minutes even. Distance 2.05 miles
4.1 mph avg speed

IdahoSpud Fri, Jul-08-22 17:02

Late entry:
July 6
Elliptical 20 minutes even
2500 steps, Avg heart rate 168
2.6 miles

IdahoSpud Tue, Aug-09-22 23:01

Chest, Back, Cardio
Flyes. Incline, Flat and Decline. 15lbx10 each
Wide grip Barbell bench press: 60lbx10,10,10
Plate shrugs: 45lbx12,10,8
Dumbbell bent over rows: 25lbx10,10
Dumbbell straight arm pullovers: 15lbx10,10
Cable pulldowns: 50lbx10,10
Flat sit-ups:10,10,5

Elliptical 1 mile, 8 minutes even, Avg heart rate 167

Legs, Butt
Barbell squats - managed to pull a hamstring muscle right off the bat :( 90lbx10, 70lbx10
Barbell good mornings: 90lbx10, 70lbx10
Single leg calf raise, elevated: 12,15,12
Barbell deadlifts: 120lbx10,10
Leg extensions: 50lbx10,13
Hamstring curls: 25lbx10,10

Two days in and I'm feeling crippled, top and bottom.

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