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IdahoSpud Sat, Aug-28-21 02:44

I can't believe that summer is nearly over with - where is my life going? I spent the entire thing working overtime.

Labor day is a week away, and the tourist traffic has already decreased noticeably. Commuting to work is a lot less stressful recently due to the reduced traffic. I don't know why this is, but city folks seem to vacation like they commute to work - stressed out, on edge, and in a huge hurry. Why bother vacationing if you bring along all your anxiety and tensions? There's a reason we live here - it's pretty chill when the tourists have all gone back home.

I don't know the status of each and every wildfire in the west right now, but the air quality is back to normal. We've had a couple of good rainy days and the temperatures are finally once again very nice for exercise.

I did the stairs for the first time since May, and it felt about how you would think. I was happy to have it over with, LOL. 10 minutes on the stairs is quite a bit more cardio than walking circles around the power plant for an hour.

2 flights, 20 trips up and down, two steps at a time.
Time 12:30. No heart rate monitor tonight - I was in a hurry as I was imposing on my shift partner to cover the control room while I exercised.

Tomorrow when I'm not in the control room, I'll take time to put on some sneakers and strap on the heart monitor, and start gathering some biometric data.

IdahoSpud Sun, Aug-29-21 01:35

Good stuff! Back to it, in phases.

30 trips up and down two flights of stairs, two steps at a time.
Time: 17:15
Avg heart rate: 164

At the 12:30 mark (yesterday's time for 20 trips), I had already done 24 trips up and down, so a fair bit faster pace, plus a 50% increase in the number of stairs climbed.

Now I just need to give up the freaking ice cream. Sugar is nearly as tough to quit as nicotine and alcohol, and a lot easier to fall back into.

IdahoSpud Mon, Aug-30-21 01:24

Picking it up a bit more.

40 trips. up and down the two flights, two steps at a time.
Time: 23:32
Avg heart rate: 165

Time splits were about the same as yesterday at the 20, 24 and 30 marks. Wasn't feeling bad, so I went an extra 10 trips up and down. So 33% better than yesterday, and twice what I did two days ago. It's really not cold enough inside the building yet, and I'm baking toward the end of the session.

I'm really looking forward to some cooler temps. Thinking of getting some cross-country skis and letting the Husky pull me around a bit!

IdahoSpud Tue, Aug-31-21 02:33

I am on my final night shift for a while, and had been pretty excited about getting in another 40 flights, and hopefully back up to 50.

It was not to be. The air quality has worsened a bit, my legs are a bit sore, and I slept very poorly yesterday. I've got a few days off, and I'm going to try to get some time on the elliptical in the basement or go for a bike ride.

IdahoSpud Wed, Sep-22-21 22:15

It's been about 3 weeks since the previous post. I was on a well-deserved vacation following several months of 60 and 70 hour work weeks. I ate crap and don't feel the least bit guilty, even though my pants are getting tight.

Now I'm back to working 60 and 70 hour weeks again, so I can be healthy now. LOL.

The weather has cooled significantly, we've had some rain which knocked down a lot of the local wildfires, and cleared the air quite a bit. Good things.

Anyway I'm on a slew of night shifts that are cooler than they have been recently, and with better air quality - so back to it!!!

2 miles exactly fast walk. 34 minutes, at a pace of 3.5 miles/hr. Got a little bit winded and could feel the old heart pounding pretty good. Going for stairs next. Get some real cardio in there.

IdahoSpud Fri, Sep-24-21 00:08

Stairs, after a three week hiatus.
30 trips up and down the two flights.

After just two trips I was getting winded, and by three trips, I was feeling it and breathing pretty hard the rest of the time. So lung capacity doesn't hang too well. However it took 11 trips to get the heart rate up above 150. Apparently heart conditioning doesn't degrade as quickly as lung capacity when you aren't exercising.

Anyway, like I said, 30 trips up and down, two steps at a time.

Time 18:25
Average heart rate 152 BPM. Got a mild headache afterwards.

Contrast that with August 29, the last time I did 30 trips.

Time then: 17:15
Avg heart rate then: 164

Anyway, glad to get back to it. Hopefully I manage to get the old diet in check again soon.

IdahoSpud Sat, Sep-25-21 02:06


I like to do them in multiples of 10. I also like to try and do more than the previous time or to set a better time. Didn't pull that off tonight - I was not feeling very good, so I quit rather than barf... or worse.

Calves were also pretty sore from the previous night. It was still more exercise than I've done in the past three weeks, so it's all good.

24 trips up and down, two steps at a time

Time 13:40
Avg heart rate: 160

I was a little put off by the fact that the exercise this shift was less volume than last night's shift, so I went for a short walk to make up for that.

Distance 1.12 miles, Time 17:50, Pace 3.7 miles/hr.

IdahoSpud Sun, Sep-26-21 02:04

Stairs, two flights, 30 trips up and down
Time 17:25 Heart rate 158.

Better than yesterday, so that's good.

IdahoSpud Mon, Sep-27-21 01:54

Stuck in the control room tonight. Shift partner isn't qualified to stay here while I do some stairs. Make do!

One Arm Dumbbell Clean and Press 30x5,5,5
One Arm Kettlebell Rows: 35x10,10
Standing dumbbell tricep extensions 20x10
Hammer Curls 20x10

IdahoSpud Sat, Oct-09-21 03:47

I really have to stop being such a lazy POS. I'm up 20 lbs since spring, due to eating garbage and failing to do much exercise.

Stairs 20 flights
Time 11:20
Heart 148

IdahoSpud Sun, Oct-10-21 00:07

Stairs 26 flights
Time 14:20
Heart 167

IdahoSpud Fri, Jan-21-22 17:35

Back to it.
Stairs 10 flights, still in work boots and packing a 2-way radio and hard hat.
Time 6:23

Tomorrow this will be improved on, either in volume or time.

Sniggle Sat, Jan-22-22 09:28

Feeling you. I had to do a hard reset at the new year and get my eating back under control, and drop the 25 lbs. I gained over the last 1.5 years. I had maintained some exercise, mostly lifting, but at 58 poor eating habits are impossible to overcome.

Keep at it!

IdahoSpud Sun, Jan-23-22 17:03

Yo Sniggle! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. It appears we are on the same page, for the most part.

I'm trying, with limited success, to shed weight with intermittent fasting. Unfortunately, the hunger pangs make it very difficult to sleep, and food is on my mind far too often. At least I've managed to give up the Monster Energy Zero and the sugars. That plus exercise should provide some progress. Best of luck to you as well, friend.

Yesterday, I was unable to escape the control room and do any stairs, so instead I did one set of ten alternating (1x10) 20lb one arm dumbbell clean and press . Nothing too strenuous.

Today I got to the stairs.
20 trips up and down the two flights, moderately quick pace.
Time: 11:44
Avg heart rate: 153

Good sweat afterwards! Looking forward to doing 30,40,50 sets.

Tacked on an afternoon walk, w/o heart monitor
Distance: 1 mile even
Time: 17:30
Intensity: Brisk pace - 3.4 miles/hr

IdahoSpud Thu, Jan-27-22 03:43

20 trips up and down 2 flights
Time: 12:10
Avg Heart Rate: 151

I wanted to go 30 trips, but it didn't feel very good at all. Taking a couple of weeks off work shortly, so it will time on the elliptical and lifting. It's much too icy to consider a run right now.

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