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IdahoSpud Sat, May-08-21 23:17

I finished with the pine and fir trees (link) four days ago. It was a brutal, long-winded, dehydrating, sun-burning week. The top of my head is peeling, but I got all the slash piles burned before the summer burn ban took effect.

It was difficult and physical but not in an exercise way. More like a long march through a swamp - eventually you get exhausted, but it's not good exercise.

Anyway, it's done (except for cutting the trunks into rounds for firewood) and life is looking up a bit right now.

So tonight I got back to it for the first time in a while, and let's just say I'm not where I was in mid-March.

2 flights of stairs, 20 trips up and down.
Time 12:15 Heart rate 153.

Felt a little slow and winded on the stairs, so I quit that and took a brisk walk

1.4 miles, 24 minutes. Avg speed 3.5 mph.

Good enough for now.

IdahoSpud Sun, May-09-21 22:14

Stairs again, picking it up a bit

2 flights x 30 trips up and down. (50% increase from yesterday)
Time 17:00 Heart rate 158

It was going reasonably well, and I probably could have done another 10 trips, but no point pushing it. Tomorrow I might shoot for the full 50 trips. It won't be any kind of record time, that's for certain.

IdahoSpud Tue, May-11-21 00:48

I did it! Back to 50 stair trips in one session.

2 flights x 50 trips up and down.
Time 27:15 Heart rate 162. I'm OK with those numbers.
I have to say, it feels good to be back to the routine - both physically and mentally.

As the weather warms (it's currently 45F or 7C - this is North Idaho), I might not be able to maintain this pace, so I'll have to figure out some alternatives that don't generate so much body heat.

I might shoot for a brisk walk around the powerhouse later in the shift - in the earliest morning hours. It's a nice time to walk, sometimes I get to hear owls talking to each other.

Got the walk in. 2 miles even, 3.7 miles/hr, Time 31:45
I jogged a little bit at the end, just to get the 2 miles over and done with. That's not easy to do in work boots with 8" lace up uppers. Broke a sweat!
No owls :(

Probably no exercise for the next couple of days. We have company this week, and large projects to complete.

IdahoSpud Sat, May-29-21 23:25

It's been a while. Lots going on, and not much of it good. Family member going suddenly into a care facility, good friend with terminal cancer. Too much overtime shifts at work - 120 hours on the last time card (60 hrs per week), and 116 will be on the next one.

I had to put off one of my bucket list items for at least a month. I plan to climb Scotchman Peak.

Pollen has also been insane recently. All the rain puddles are covered with a yellow sheen of pollen, and I've felt like I was fighting 3 head colds at once.

The pollen count seems to be abating, and now I can breathe again.

Got in a 2 mile walk tonight. 3.6 miles/hr average, time 34:20

No need to bother with the heart monitor - it wasn't intense at all.

IdahoSpud Mon, May-31-21 01:36

Another walk at work.
2.5 miles, 3.7 miles/hr average, time 39:40

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-04-21 03:24

Walking at work
2.75 miles, 3.8 miles/hr avg. Time 43:15

IdahoSpud Sat, Jun-05-21 02:25

Walking at work
2.5 miles, 3.4 miles/hr avg. (was on the phone hehe). Time 43 min.

IdahoSpud Mon, Jun-07-21 02:42

My hours got changed. This two week time sheet will not have 116 hours on it. Instead it will have 140 hours.
My good friend passed away on Friday. The last thing he ate was a cinnamon roll we shared when I last saw him. His service is next Saturday.
We are now caring for a relative's 12 yr old dog, who is undisciplined, noisy, and apparently not yet house-broken.
It can only get better from here.

Walking again at work, on nights.
2.5 miles, 3.9 miles/hr avg. Time 38:00

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-10-21 03:07

3 mile walked at work, on nights.
3.7 miles/hr avg. Time: 48:30

IdahoSpud Fri, Jun-11-21 05:53

2 mile walk, at work, on nights
3.9 miles/hr avg speed. Time 30:20
Knee was feeling a little twingy. No point making it unusable.

IdahoSpud Sun, Jun-13-21 00:27

Our daughter graduated from high school last night, which was awesome and gratifying. It was maybe a bit melancholy as well - there are some great kids and parents we will no doubt lose touch with. Afterwards I took her to the senior sleep-over (chaperoned at one of the local resorts). I stayed awake most of the night, knowing I was coming right back onto night shift after my one night off.

She texted me at 6:30 AM, saying she was ready to be picked up. After I got her home, I napped until about noon.

We had a funeral to attend for a good friend at 1:30 PM, which was followed by a military color guard. They fired a three volley rifle salute and presented the flag to his widow. The soldier in charge of the color guard says, "On behalf of the president of the United States, the United States Army and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service". As he presents the flag.

After taps finished playing, everyone was crying a lot. It's been a weird roller-coaster of emotions in the past 24 hours, that's for sure.

After the funeral, we went home, and I swapped out my good shoes for work boots, and swapped out my good shirt for a sweat shirt, packed my lunch, and went right back to it again. Life is a legit nocturnal hamster wheel right now.

Another walk at work, on nights.
Went a full hour (mostly on the phone - bedtime call with family). 3.6 miles, at 3.6 miles/hour of course!

Hopefully I pushed the need for my own military funeral back by another day.

IdahoSpud Mon, Jun-14-21 02:36

Went almost exactly 1/2 mile tonight on a fast walk, and the right knee twanged, about 8:20 into it.

Hopefully I just pulled something, but it doesn't feel great right now even at a slow pace - getting a few twinges from the back side of the knee - so maybe the posterior ligament.

I may be back to slinging weights for a bit, which wouldn't be a bad idea anyway.

IdahoSpud Mon, Jun-14-21 04:54

I dunno, might be a minor hamstring pull. It felt like I got popped in the funny bone, except there isn't one of those behind the knee in the lower thigh.

Went ahead and walked, but at a much reduced pace

4 miles walked. At work. At night

2.7 miles/hr. Time 1hr 26 min.

IdahoSpud Tue, Jun-15-21 03:35

Two miles, at work, on night shift (of course)
Time 36:20 at a pace of 3.3 miles/hr - a bit faster pace than last night, but half the distance.

It was a short walk because I had to impose on my shift partner to cover the control room while I walked around the "racetrack" - the paved road that encircles the power plant. The old knees were a bit unhappy, but they held up OK. Lots of lightning off to the west. Hopefully no wildfires got sparked as a result of that.

Four more 12 hour night shifts, then I finally get a break. It's been sixteen straight 12 hour night shifts, with only one night off to attend my daughter's graduation. Ready to spend the remainder of the long northern days chilling and grilling.

IdahoSpud Thu, Jun-17-21 01:35

I began doing the stairs again last night. It was much cooler than it's been recently, and I felt pretty well rested. It ended badly.

I made 17 trips up and down the two flights, two steps at a time. Hamstring was doing fine, knees not complaining too much. Then I got a pebble stuck in the bottom of one shoe, and it was a bit aggravating due to the reduced traction and the clicking. So I put the bottom of the shoe on the edge of one of the steps and pulled my foot backward to dislodge the pebble.

Holy cow! It felt like someone stabbed me in the hamstring. Of course the pebble had to be on the side I'd injured earlier... I hobbled around the rest of the night. It's still really sore. I'll be eating aspirin for a while longer.

17 trips
10 minutes
131 heart rate. Terminated due to injury.

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