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IdahoSpud Thu, Mar-04-21 16:04

OMFG my calves hurt. Upper-body stuff for a while...

IdahoSpud Thu, Mar-04-21 18:20

So Yeah, upper body workout. Stuck in the control room once again.
40 Arnold presses: 20x5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
40 Hammer curls: same sets
40 Dumbbell curls: same sets
Incline push-ups: 10,10,10
One arm kettlebell rows: 35x10,5,5,5,5

IdahoSpud Fri, Mar-05-21 17:06

I'm Stoked!!!
First road bike ride in forever today.

18.7 miles
Avg speed 15.3 MPH
390 ft of climbing
Avg heart rate 156.
Total elapsed time 1:13

Not really hard core compared to the good old days, but it was a lot of fun and it kept me gulping air.

IdahoSpud Sat, Mar-06-21 22:18

Another bike ride. Not quite as intense.
7.1 miles
Avg speed 12 mph (windy, tired and sore)
113 ft of climbing
Avg heart rate 146
Elapsed time 30 minutes.

IdahoSpud Sun, Mar-07-21 13:29

Snowing... no bike ride. Also my butt is sore at the pressure points where the saddle supports my hip bones :)

Trying to get my body to go more than 30 minutes of effort. Bicycling doesn't work like that, so I need to build some stamina up.

Elliptical - 40 minutes even (added 10 min)
Incline 12.5 degrees
Resistance 3 for the first 30 min, and resistance 2 for the last 10 min.
5.6 miles, Heart rate 157 avg.

Not terribly strenuous, but the last two bike rides took a bit out of me. I should probably do light upper body resistance and get a day's rest.

IdahoSpud Mon, Mar-08-21 13:13

Quick spin on the elliptical.
I know I said I should rest and do upper body stuff.
Just felt the need for the runner's high this morning.
20 min. Started at 15 degrees incline and resistance 4.
That didn't work *at all*. The lift was very uncomfortable as was the difficulty.
Dropped it to 12.5 degrees and resistance 3.
20 minutes, avg heart rate 155.

Rested a couple of minutes then did:
Lat pulldowns 70 lb x12,12
Wide grip bench press 60lbx12,12
Dumbbell front side and rear raises: 10lbx55

IdahoSpud Sun, Mar-14-21 00:46

Been a few days. World of Warcraft won out over exercise, but happily I kept my diet (mostly) in check. Then I went on night shift, and had a rough time sleeping during the day, so I didn't feel like exercising then either.

Tonight, did some stairs.
2 flights x 40 trips.
21:35 min, avg heart rate 158

Going to go for a walk now and let the Strava app worry about the distance. Not gonna take a heart monitor, as it's just a brisk walk.

1.2 miles walk. 18minutes, avg speed 4 mph. Not bad for a 60 yr old who just transitioned onto night shift and who is lacking a decent amount of sleep.

I *may* do another walk later on. We will see how things shake out.

IdahoSpud Sun, Mar-14-21 23:59

50 trips up and down the two flights of stairs
27:15, Avg heart rate 163.
Felt a little rough after 40 trips, but I hung in there for the full 50.

I'm trying to stay cardio-fit enough to summit Scotchman Peak as soon as the snow has melted off. It's a pretty strenuous climb - about 4 miles and 3700 ft of elevation gain.

But it's on my bucket list, so to do it, I need to drop weight and be fit. I'll post pictures when it gets done.

IdahoSpud Tue, Mar-16-21 02:21

Got going very late (after midnight) on the stairs.

As I was going up and down them, it occurred to me that I get off night shift this morning, and it would be more fun to go on a bike ride later on than to grind out 50 trips on the stairs - and it's unlikely that I will have the energy for both.

With that thought, I stopped at 20. Not much of a work-out, although I did break a sweat.

2 flights x 20 trips.
10 minutes even, heart rate 153.

After I get some sleep in the morning (hopefully!!!!), we will see about a short road or mountain bike ride in the early afternoon.

IdahoSpud Tue, Mar-16-21 14:08

It's a good day.
1. I don't have to work a 12 hour shift again tonight.
2. Down 2 lbs (1kg) finally, after months hovering at 198-200.
3. I was able to get into 36" waist pants yesterday. They were a wee bit tight, so I went back to the baggy 38", but I'm getting close to fitting in them again.

It's 1:00 PM. Still waking up and trying to decide if I want to dress for 45 F (7.5 C) degrees, or just go down to the basement and grind away on the elliptical.

Edit: Abbreviated Elliptical work out. Did not feel like dressing up, checking out the bike filling water etc for what was going to be a pretty short ride. Not 100% when you just got off nights. Once again saving stamina for a ride tomorrow.
Elliptical 15 min. 12.5 degrees incline, resistance 4, heart rate 157, 2.1 miles.

IdahoSpud Wed, Mar-17-21 14:48

Another good day. 195 lbs, so it's looking like weight loss has finally resumed.

It was really chilly overnight and during the morning. Now that I have Husky-sitting duty, it's beautiful warm weather. Sigh. I'll try to get in some outdoors activity when the family returns.

Edit: No ride today. Fam got home early evening and it's too late for a decent length bike ride before sundown. Maybe I'll do a run or the elliptical.

Final Edit: Went for a run. Forgot to turn on the heart monitor until halfway through the run, then forgot to turn it off when I was finished. Strava said it was .65 miles and took 11:30. It hurt the old knees quite a bit too, which is why I didn't go too long. Also I didn't get out until 6:00PM. Bike ride tomorrow! No excuses.

IdahoSpud Thu, Mar-18-21 15:31

Had a very difficult time sleeping. Five straight night shifts and insomnia to go together like coffee and donuts. Woke up at 11:00 AM to a gorgeous day that was almost half gone :(

Got that bike ride in though!
21.9 miles, avg heart rate 147, elevation climbed 432 feet. I HAVE to replace that saddle. My butt is in agony where the hip bones support my body.

Keep forgetting to drink water on the ride. Had a fall-over when I didn't get clipped in quick enough and the bike came to a stand-still. Fortunately the only thing injured was my pride, and really not even that. I have no pride left, LOLOL

IdahoSpud Mon, Apr-12-21 01:22

Been a while. Got into a mental downdraft, and I just loafed and ate bad - and then felt worse due to bloat and regret. It went on for a bit, but it seems to be passing now.

Back at work on night shift, starting off easy at first. I was beginning to get winded after 3 trips, which normally would have taken 10-15 trips. No point in overdoing it.

Stairs, 2 flights over and over again, two steps at a time

20 trips up and down. Heart rate 156, time 11:00

Tomorrow I'll see if I can manage to double that, or do the full 50 trips.

IdahoSpud Wed, Apr-14-21 01:52

Stairs - did not get to them last night, but did them tonight.

Two flights, 30 trips up and down, two steps at a time.

Time and intensity: 16:25 and 157 BPM heart rate.

I'm OK with that. Not bad for a long-ish layoff and one day back into it.

It's not like I slept well today. Four spoofed phone calls came between 7AM and 9AM this morning while I was trying to sleep, and then the tree service came by at 9AM to fell ten massive ponderosa pine and red fir that were much too close to the house - so I was up with them until noon.

Considering I'm also now on the wrong side of 60 yrs old combined with lack of sleep, it's surprising that I'm functional, let alone getting hard cardio exercise at this point.

My exercise for the next few days will be limbing and bucking the trunks, hauling the limbs to the burn pile, and burning them. It's a huge project for one old guy, but it cost more than enough just to have the trees dropped. I'm really not looking forward to chopping up the trunks, as they are huge.

IdahoSpud Wed, Apr-21-21 02:52

It's been a tree limbing, muscle-numbing, exhausting couple of days. I haven't had many days off recently, and those "days off" have been filled with tree limbs. I'm about halfway done with the limbing, and maybe a quarter done with the burning.

If you have never limbed a large pine or fir tree, it's a chore. Just getting to the trunk of a full healthy tree is difficult because of the limbs. You are surrounded and blocked by branches and pine needles, chainsaw crackling in your hands, while trying not to trip over limbs that are either still attached or driven into the ground when the tree fell over. When you cut the branches underneath the trunk, sometimes the weight of the trunk traps the chainsaw bar, and you have to jack up the trunk (or attach a tow line) to get the chainsaw back.

When you manage to get all the limbs cut off the trunk, you still have to haul them away to a burn pile. Half of the limbs are the size of small pine trees, and those have to be cut in half again to even carry them.

You have to wait for a non-windy day to burn all the slash, and then you have to watch it with a hose for a long time to make sure you don't set the rest of the forest on fire, something which would undoubtedly piss off your neighbors. It's exhausting, and that doesn't even include cutting the trunks into firewood rounds and stacking those out.

The limbs need to be burned immediately, because harmful insects will lay eggs in them that can kill the healthy trees. You don't want the limbs drying out all summer, because of the bugs and because fall burning is much more intense (scary) with really dry pine needles. Spring burns with moist wood are better, but you have to get it done before the forest dries out and they impose burning bans.

I wish the tree service had arrived earlier to fell these huge trees, but they have been really busy. It took them 6 months to get around to my place after I first called them.

tl;dr - I'm beat up and sore from swinging a chainsaw, hauling heavy branches and stumbling through slash. It isn't like exercising for 30-60 minutes. It's a relentless all-day long thing. I'll be happy when it's over and I can get back to the easy stuff!

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