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Karen Sun, Jan-13-02 14:45

Are you Really a Turtle?
For some people, LC weight loss is smooth and steady. For others, it can be a bit more difficult. At any stage, our plans can be “tweaked”. We eliminate or cut down on certain foods, discover that the sugar alcohols in those two low-carb bars a day are the culprit or realize that dairy products slow us down. We may be intolerant to certain foods or are not aware that our carbohydrate intake is creeping up.

It may seem that people that don’t have a lot of fat to lose – generally in the 5-30 pound range – lose slower than those with a lot of weight to lose. But, that’s not true. Percentage-wise, it works out to be the same. If you’re aiming to lose 100 pounds, ten percent would be 10 pounds. If you’re aiming for 10, ten percent would be one pound. Remember that this is not a quick weight loss diet, it’s an eating strategy for life. On this site, the percentage feature is in every member’s post.

1. Have you read the book for, and followed your chosen plan to the letter for at least a month? No digression in the food front at all? No skipping meals?

2. Do you figure out your carbs/calories each day? Do you use a carb counter or a program like Or if you can’t be bothered with micro-managing, do you know what your critical carbohydrate level is and eat accordingly?

3. Do you regularly drink alcohol?

4. Are you scale or Ketostix obsessed? Compulsively weighing or using Ketostix will make the process seem slower and more erratic than it actually is. If you must weigh yourself everyday, chart your daily weight and figure out a weekly average. Don’t take it personally. It’s only a hunk of metal and a piece of plastic.

5. Are you trying to do a low fat version of your chosen plan?

6. Have you been a yo-yo dieter? People who have severely restricted their calories in the past due to low-fat or calorie restricted dieting may find it difficult to lose weight initially. In this case, using low-carb as part of the process of metabolic healing will help. You will lose fat once your body learns to trust what you’re doing. Persistence will pay off.

7. Are you consuming any or all of these items on a regular basis? If you are, stop consuming them one at a time, for at least two weeks to see if it initiates weight loss.

• Processed meats, including bacon
• Caffeine
• Cheese and dairy products
• Alcohol
• Nuts and Nut Butters
• Peanuts and Peanut Butter
• Artificial Sweeteners
• Diet Drinks
• Protein Bars
• Low carb food products that imitate high carb food
• Eating a wide combination of food in one day
• Overly salty foods? For example pork rinds? Processed meats?
• Sugar Alcohols

8. Prescription drugs or hormones:
• Estrogens and most synthetic HRT's including birth control pills
• Anti-depressant drugs, insulin and insulin stimulating drugs
• Anti-arthritis medications including steroids
• Diuretics and beta blockers

9. Underactive thyroid (hypothyroid) function which can be present when blood tests indicate no abnormalities

10. Overgrowth of the yeast organism Candida albicans.

For more details on overcoming metabolic resistance, read Metabolic Resistance: Causes and Solutions, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, 2002 edition.

11. Often overlooked but are you getting enough sleep? Or, are you going through an unusually stressful period? Stressing over what is perceived as lack of progress, being to hard on yourself and obsessing on scales or Ketostix is stressful.

After going through this list, contemplate your answers and work out a strategy for yourself. Learning to low-carb is a steep learning curve and will reward you richly by becoming educated and more aware of your body and how it will function optimally.

Don’t be discouraged! Look at overall health and well-being instead of using your plan as a diet just to lose weight. Keep learning about what works for you. You’ll be better able to deal with all the “forks in the road” and “speed bumps” along your low-carb journey.

jen&ben Mon, Feb-25-02 21:15

Hi Karen,

Thanks for these notes. I have only been LCing for about 4 weeks and fell of the wagon at the end of the 2nd week.

I was poking around the forums tonight trying to get some ideas about how to restart the weight loss.

Quite a bit of what you write hit home for me. I have printed out this message and will cut out the carb bars first thing tomorrow morning. I had been using them as a sub. for the eggs I was getting tired of for breakfast.

Thanks again!
Regards, Judy

starlite Wed, Mar-13-02 20:05

Well, that was super interesting - I mean that sincerely - because I wasn't sure just what would qualify but now I know I truly do!! You see, I have only lost 9 pounds since November of 2000!!!!!!
Now that is slow! But it's still a loss, right????

Please say right..hehe. :roll:

Debbielee Fri, Apr-12-02 08:44

Wow! I have just realised that I am doing so much wrong. I do drink alcohol (probably 1-2 nights/week), I drink too much coffee...nuts are a fave of mine, cheese, milk - I often have a protien shake with it instead of a meal....fills you quickly.

It is really a learning game this LCWOL. I am amazed at how my attitudes toward food have evolved since learning about Low Carb. You can never think the same way about food again. I must say that I am craving sugar RIGHT NOW! AAAaarrrrgh...what has caused that? Maybe boredom...I think I will do something else now.

Thanks again for your insightful wisdom...truly the mother on this site.... :p


Karen Fri, Apr-12-02 08:53

truly the mother on this site....

Thanks so much for the compliment, but that would actually be Doreen! :D

I'm your auntie. ;)


SidPAC Mon, Apr-29-02 11:32


Great info. Really! Thank you. I'm new to this site but not to lc'ing. I've been following Atkins since April 2000. I lost 20+ lbs in a matter of weeks but have been stalled since that time. I have tried cutting out cheese, nuts, all AS (including Splenda). I don't drink caffeine. I don't drink alcohol. I get about 100 oz of water a day and I eat about 100 cals over my basal of 1350 because I exercise a lot. I run 4 times a week and weight train 4 times as well. I'm actually training for my second marathon. I haven't lost lbs or inches.

I've been thinking about changing programs. I just don't know how I'll do on Sugarbusters though. I don't want to gain. I don't think I have the patience for the Zone either. Do you have any other ideas or things I should be thinking about?

I admit I cheat on occassion. But, when you go months without cheating and and there is no movement on the scale...sometimes you eat a little apple pie to keep sane. You know? If I do cheat, it is truely once in a blue moon.


mommi2be Sun, Jun-09-02 13:37

Thank you.

Your advice really helped. I was feeling a little discouraged because I am just completing one month on Atkins and I have only lost 7 lbs. The ironic part of this however is that is exactly 10% of my goal. So, surprise, surprise I am right on track.

Thanks again. You just made me feel "normal" instead of slow.

Katydidit Sat, Jul-06-02 18:17

Golden moment
I read an article in another site, saying that if you have been on a low carb diet previously, that it is more difficult to lose. They say you might have missed your "golden moment".

That the first time you ate LC and dumped a lot of weight quickly was your "golden moment". Does this ring true? My friend has lost twenty five pounds since June 13, 2002. This is the first time she has eaten low carb.

This is my second attempt, I've lost fifteen since the same time frame, and we are basically the same weight.

Not discouraged, just curious.

Katy :)

chrisews Tue, Jul-23-02 11:16

Am I really a turtle, Well, let's see, I haven't lost any weight since March (actually 4 punds) The firs 40 lbs came off quickly and easily, I guess I got used to that. Not having changed my habits, but I do have cheese, processed meats (pepperoni) and coffee. Wine maybe once a month or twice the most, one glass. and caffeine I have cut way back, using a blend, 50 % of caffeine only in the am, I've already cut out those lo carb bars, I do have sugar free jello with cool wip almost every night, I just need to have something when dh is having icecream I was having walnuts but I thought that they might be the culprit so they are gone. so I guess I've got some things to work on. thanks for the input, I'm going over to your journal to get some ideas on what else to eat. chris

garrison Fri, Aug-09-02 09:23

jello and cool-whip
chrisews, I used to have jello and cool whip almost every night for a little snack after dinner. I found out that it stalled me! (Not exactly sure why.) I stopped eating it and dropped a couple of pounds right away!

It might be worth it to cut it out for a few days to see if a change in your weight occurs?

chrisews Sat, Aug-10-02 14:07

Thanks garrison, i have stopped it for the time being, we'll see if, while we are on vacation, that helps. chris :thup:

EileenBet Sun, Sep-01-02 12:43

Hello All,
I guess this makes me officially a turtle!

I am 50 lbs overweight and have lost 4lbs and 1 inch since June 1st.
I work out about 3 -4 times a week and follow the WOE, including the tweaking all that was in the post to see what was slowing me down to no avail.
It also appears that when I have a good loss, it goes back up within a few days.

Add to that that I am losing my hair since LC, the only reason I am staying on it is because I am free of my food cravings and severe hypogycemia for the first time in my life.

So welcome this turtle, Eileen. LOL

Kemss Mon, Oct-14-02 10:51

When I first read Karen's suggestions on the water (64oz plus 8oz for EVERY POUND YOU WANT TO TAKE OFF) I thought NO WAY... that's 200 ozs a day... then I read it again... PLUS 8pz of water for every 25pounds you want to take off... thankgoodness... I thought I was going to float away :p I can barely get the 64oz down! But since I was thinking that I was a turtle... I am going to up the water intake to 72! thanks again Karen

Cheryl R Sun, Nov-03-02 19:50

10-12 times the amount of my weight
That would be 2750 to 3300 calories????
I couldn't possible eat that much??????
I'm eating under 2000 for sure... probably in the 1500-1800 range?

Can some one explain why I'm supposed to eat that many calories?

ngarbade Sun, Nov-03-02 21:53

am i a turtle
I have the same question that katydidit there a "golden moment" I have been back on dr atkins seriously for the second time and the weight is not budging........I know i do everything correctly.....i know im in ketosis........its been 3 weeks and no weight loss on induction. Whats up with that??? When will it change
Not giving up in SC :thup:

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