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tamarian Thu, Mar-07-02 21:50

Trainer Dan's Story
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Homegirl Fri, Mar-08-02 00:46

Hey, great story TrainerDan!

I thought you were always a buff kinda guy so I am glad to see that you are just like the rest of us and had to find your way to health and success.

Thank you so much for sharing.

P.S. You can walk around w/o your shirt on all the time if you want. We'll let you out. We promise. :D

Trainerdan Sun, Mar-10-02 06:15

thank you
Wa'il ... THANK YOU for posting this for me. And big thanks for linking to Quadrafit.

Thanks Homegirl ...

As you can see, I definately was NOT always buff. LOL. Actually, I used to get teased alot in high school, etc.

I get my revenge now though when I see those people (recently moved back to the area I went to high school in) ...

Rachelle Wed, May-19-04 11:14

This is the first time i've read your story Dan.. and i'm very proud of you for proving everyone wrong..
You are awesome.. thanks for sharing :D

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