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yabbaranks Wed, Jul-24-19 18:33

Just one dose of carbohydrates can damage blood vessels: Thoughts?
Thoughts on this study. A small number of participants, but has gotten me worried given I've had cheat days many times in the past while on a keto diet.

Ms Arielle Wed, Jul-24-19 18:51

That study aside dr atkins wrote about tge dog study. Insulin in jected up one leg artery and saline for the other. One lining roughened, the other smooth.

Read Wheat Belly by Dr. Willams davis MD. Most libraries have a copy. It was a shocker.

mike_d Thu, Aug-01-19 16:52

Makes sense -- a brief but huuge blood sugar spike in an unprepared body.

One reason LCHF folks should refuse the "Glucose Tolerance Test" :Puke:

teaser Fri, Aug-02-19 09:15

Yeah... sometimes weekly carb ups are suggested for maintaining 'metabolic flexibility.' Not so much. If you optimize for fat as fuel, you're not going to handle glucose as well. If anything it's just avoiding proper adaptation.

It would be interesting to look at the effects of every other day fasting (on a moderate or high carb diet) on this marker. I think that's a more appropriate model for metabolic flexibility, with the every other day preponderance of glucose versus fat.

Something else I'd like to see studied is the effect of glucose sipping. That same amount of glucose, sipped through the course of the day, instead of all at once, should cause less of an increase in insulin, less of a switch to glucose as fuel, more of the glucose being used for repletion of glycogen, if it works the same for low carbers as it does in the David Jenkins glucose sipping versus bolus studies.. Which is a main goal for many people who do a carb up on the weekends in the fitness community.

GRB5111 Fri, Aug-02-19 09:31

It's interesting to see how the objectives of the fitness community are often associated with low carbers attempting to achieve health. There is a lot of valuable information and lessons learned coming out of the fitness community and some common experiences and approaches; however, their objectives are often very different than those attempting to achieve better health through lifestyle changes related to eating.

When I examine my eating behavior, I keep my carbs extremely low due to the improvements I've experienced and also with prevention in mind given that sugar is associated with so many negative health consequences including T2D, general metabolic syndrome, cancer, CVD, and other things I'm hoping to avoid. This is a personal incentive that enables me to be consistent.

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