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JEY100 Thu, May-09-24 14:57

We’re Using Big Data to Help Anyone Eat Better
At Optimising Nutrition, we’re all about creating a data-driven, agnostic approach to nutrition to help you cut through the noise and empower our Optimisers to achieve their goals.

To fuel our obsession, we’re constantly searching for data to improve the precision of our systems.

The exciting news: We recently added 304,384 days of data from the UN FAO/WHO dataset (i.e. from Brazil, India and other low- and middle-income countries) to our prior data set from our Optimisers and the NHANES surveys.

We now have more than a million days of data from thirty countries to help us better understand what we need from our food to reach our goals, whatever they may be.

An explanation of the data-sets to guide users how to Optimise their Nutrition, no matter their diet…plant-based, animal-based, low carb, high carb, etc.

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