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Happy girl Sun, Dec-27-20 08:16

Happy Woman
Hey folks!
Thought I'd try out this Gym Log. I mostly post my exercise by paper and pen + now and then in my journal. I hope this will give me and You inspiration.
I do a lot of walking not always long walks but I think they are the foundation IMO to joy, a straight back, happy heart, good digestion ... and my pink cheeks.

Happy girl Sun, Dec-27-20 08:19

Chopping Wood
Today very windy, been cooking and going back and forth over the yard to fill up with some fire wood. Chopped wood and piled it.

thud123 Sun, Dec-27-20 17:56

Cool! Good luck with this. I did one for 1 year to kind of hit all the marks on this site. It was fun. Chopping and piling wood is hard work! laters.

Happy girl Tue, Dec-29-20 06:46

Originally Posted by thud123
Cool! Good luck with this. I did one for 1 year to kind of hit all the marks on this site. It was fun. Chopping and piling wood is hard work! laters.

Thanks!! I am a sucker for encouragement. Cool, congrats.


Today. Just took a walk around the hood and have run some arrens. The exercise for today. May throw some air punches and do some 19th c. moves swing the arms to the sides moves, good for the back. LOL. They are underrated.
Brought in some more fire wood.

Happy girl Wed, Dec-30-20 07:46

Burning branches, cleaning out the garage and more. Now the neighbour brought all their old kitchen panels. Lots of moving, dragging stuff and walking back and forth. 4 h. Now dinner. Feels great to finally sit down.

Happy girl Fri, Jan-01-21 04:23

Took a walk on New Years eve, today I will go on a shorter hike/longer walk w/ some friends.

Happy girl Sat, Jan-02-21 09:19

Took a brisk walk, done some laundry. Chopped some wood. Some air punches for the abs. LOL

Happy girl Sun, Jan-03-21 09:51

Brisk walk. Ran some grocery arens. Stretching. Some chopping wood. Now relaxing after dinner.

Happy girl Mon, Jan-04-21 06:42

Same as yesterday.

Happy girl Wed, Jan-06-21 10:41

10 min standing abs. exercise.

Happy girl Thu, Jan-07-21 10:53

1 hour walk with friends today and some arens.
We had snow today. Yeah!! Fresh air.

Happy girl Fri, Jan-08-21 16:31

Raining all day, all snow gone. Listened to music and danced, did some air punches LOL.

Good video is about exercise IMO:
Bob Briggs, Butter Bob
"What About Exercise? Is exercise the most important factor in weight loss?"

Happy girl Sat, Jan-09-21 06:36

2 h. walk in the woods, carried and piled up some fire wood.
Free exercise.

Happy girl Tue, Jan-19-21 07:15

Been walking in the woods. Working, cleaning around the house, garage and barn with fire wood and stuff.
I count cleaning as exercise too LOL.


Happy girl Fri, Jan-22-21 11:05

Brisk walk today and yesterday. Runing arrens. Done some groceries.

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