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chelles Sat, Apr-29-06 13:47

Thankfully, I have no health problems from being fat. (My cholesterol and blood pressure are in a good range.) I can bend down and tie my shoes, get up quickly from the floor, etc.

What I hate:

1. Not being able to jump in the water in a bathing suit. (I live on the water and have been in a bathing suit once in two years!)

2. Not wanting to date until I'm thinner.

3. Having a closet full of great-looking clothes, and wearing junky stuff instead because I'm a size 16 instead of a size 12.

4. The last time I had my picture taken was in 2000!

5. Not having the kind of face that looks okay fat. Some women do. I definitely do not.

6. Fat lady clothing. Why is it so hard to find something with sleeves that's low-cut? Everything is either a huge version of trashy teenage clothing or something an 87-year old would wear.

7. My legs being way too fat to wear skirts. I love skirts. I would wear them constantly if I didn't look so bad.

Rsmry Sat, Apr-29-06 17:58

What I hate:
1. Not daring to swim at the public heated pool in the winter because it would be too embarrassing. Luckily, I live on a lake, so can swim in privacy in the summer.
2. Feeling it when people avert their eyes when they see me in the same way they do with other people they cannot relate to, such as people in wheelchairs.
3. Not wanting to be intimate with my husband, for a host of reasons all having to do with my body.
4. Horrific clothes. You think things are bad in the US? I used to find pretty decent looking stuff at the specialty stores over there. Here they are still fixated on tunics and if I find a pair of pants that fit my bum, the waist is six or eight inches too big and the legs four inches too long (Swedes are TALL people and they seem to believe that if you are bigger around, you must also be taller. Have to have my sister bring me jeans from the States every year.
5. Inability to find pretty shoes in my size - I have big feet anyway and the weight has turned them into platypus feet. I have to wear men's boots in the winter.

But all that is soon going to be history. I can do this, I am doing this, and I'm not giving up.


willjoa Mon, May-15-06 10:40

New to site, just stumbled on your profile....girl you are absoLUTELY beautiful!! Where are you in the process. I want to look like you when I grow up....I am definitely encouraged! Stay beautiful, blessed and loved!!

sunshine2 Mon, May-15-06 11:12

Welcome willjoa! I suggest setting up your own journal, you'll get lots of support there and many suggestions.

dreamnfae Mon, May-15-06 14:51

I hate that while I am still able to run, I am embarrassed to for I am deathly afraid that someone else will hear the wierd "slap- slap sound that my belly makes when it meets my thighs!

I hate having to go to my son's school, because I would never want him to be embarrased because some crappy little fart has to make some comment like "Dude, your mom is fat!" He's 15)

Being afraid to jump on my trampoline in my back yard cause I'm afraid I will break it, and more importantly, really really hurt myself.

Not going to the amusement park anymore, cause I don't fit on any of the rides I used to love to go on.

Not being able to wear sandals because my feet and ankles swell so much that people at work start asking me if I'm OK.

joylorene Tue, Jul-25-06 15:16

What Inspiration!
I love to come back and re-read this one! I can relate to everyone's reasons and it gives me motivation to stay focused on the prize.

mzsunrize Wed, Jul-26-06 22:10

:p I have a personal top ten too... I will share.

10. My mom is asian, and that side of the family is the stereo-typical short, petite and THIN....and im the biggest one there, I just feel I dont fit in EVEN with my own family. I just have to ask, where the hell are my mom's genes? LOL.
9. Tank tops..
8. The paranoia that people are looking at me and saying things when I do my evening walk.
7. Trying on a Boyfriend's shirt, but finding out its too tight.
6. The fact that I weighed more than any guy I've ever dated.
5. Having to lie about your weight on your driver's licence
4. Sitting with a group of guys who are making fun of fat women...I told them to "quit it, guys" and they said, "oh, we're not talking about you.. we're talking about big chicks, like that weigh more than 200lbs!" I was 230ish at the time. I just glared the look of death.
3. Being told I carry my weight well.
2. Meeting a guy and getting along only to find out they just want to introduce them to you skinny friend.
1. Worrying about "muffin tops" know, when your pants a too snug and your fat begins to puff out above your pants.

and 2 more bonuses.. LOL.

Having your brother comment about how thick my arms are and wishing he had arms as thick as mine (then flexing his biceps in front of you).

Stepping on the Doctors scale.. and the medical technician sliding the bigger weight thing to 150lbs to start....and they move the smaller slider ALL the way to the end and so they have to move the bottom weight thing to 200lb and the move the smaller slider BACKWARDS! :lol:

BTW, this is the first thread I read all the way through... you guys got really deep, didn't you. :p

bigtoevin Thu, Jul-27-06 11:50

great posts everyone!

i can relate to a lot of what you are writing about.

almost 5 women (including strangers and acquaintances) have asked my wife "when is the baby due?" when she wasn't pregnant. i know comments like that devastated her.

keep on keeping on...

starchile Thu, Jul-27-06 12:06

Wow---I always find it interesting that this thread is still going!!! I think I started it in like 2002 or something!! Just goes to show that we are all experiencing very similar feelings of being on the outside of our society...and sometimes even our OWN FAMILIES!!!



imlosingit Thu, Jul-27-06 22:08

Originally Posted by bigtoevin
great posts everyone!

i can relate to a lot of what you are writing about.

almost 5 women (including strangers and acquaintances) have asked my wife "when is the baby due?" when she wasn't pregnant. i know comments like that devastated her.

keep on keeping on...

My 2 answers I have used for this My dh and I decided it would be in about 2 years.


9 months from the time I get pregnant.

bigtoevin Fri, Jul-28-06 06:28


what does "dh" stand for?

(I love your 2nd answer!)

imlosingit Fri, Jul-28-06 08:26

dear husband

bigtoevin Fri, Jul-28-06 12:14

ty (thank you)

mermaiden Wed, Aug-02-06 21:11

One word: chaffing

michiepez Sat, Aug-05-06 08:22

I have many of the same reasons, but the latest one hit me hard. My 5 year ols was invited to a pool party and the mother wanted all of the moms to be in the pool with their own child. None of the moms of my son's friends are over 140lbs. and they were all complaining about having to put on a bathng suit. There was no way I was getting into a suit. I had to lie about why I could not go in and I cried as I watched all the moms enjoying this time with their child. I have to do this for him as well as for health.

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