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mattoman01 Tue, Feb-12-02 10:30

Fat Suits
I'm not so upset about the fat suits as I am about the lack of 'fat' actors in TV and movies...

John Candy probably would not have even got a chance in today's environment. Just look at Matthew Perry on Friends and how much flak he has to take for his weight gain.

You cant make ethnic, racial, religious or dumb blonde jokes anymore but people can laugh out loud at fatsos just becaouse they are different.

I'm tellin ya, people ... bigotry

starchile Tue, Feb-12-02 12:21

double edged sword!
Wellllll, yeah, that is true there aren't a lot of large actors (women at least) on the Big screen but then a lot of the time if you DO find one, they have to play down to society's prejudices of us anyway!!! You see so many large character's that are the butt of the joke, psycho (mimi on drew carey) or just LOSERS in general.

I don't know which is worse!

Stardust Sat, Feb-16-02 16:32

Hi all! I agree with your reasons of hating to be fat and have a couple of my own to add:

1. Clothing manufacturers thinking all fat women are short (I'm 5'10")

2. People not knowing you are pregnant, because of your weight.

Ororo Sat, Feb-16-02 19:28

Sux 2 B Fat
I thought that I would add my perspective:

1. Trying to shop in London or anywhere in Europe. I haven't been to Asia since I weighed 145lb. It was impossible then. I can't imagine what it would be like now.

2. a. Visiting with your 5'2", size 6 friend whose mother is trying to get her to lose weight so that she can find a husband.
b. Having the mother constantly give you weight loss and exercise tips.
c. Having the mother ask when you're (read: how the hell you're ever) going to get married.

3. The whole "you have such a pretty face" thing.

4. a. Being uncomfortable around beaches and swimming pools.
b. Not going to a party you've been invited to . . . because it's a jacuzi party!

I'm sure that I'll think of more later. This has been really cathartic.

Trifle Sat, Feb-16-02 22:16

Haaa Haaaa, I'm rolling on the floor !
Here's some more;
* Eating somthing fattning in public, and someone looks at you in
* Accidently catching a glimps of yourself in a store window.
* Have you ever worn too small pantyhose and have the panty
part fall down below your stomach, while your shopping. Just
try and get them back up with no one seeing !
* Speaking of panties, I have to pull mine out of the crevice,
every time I get out of the car.
* Not easily being able to bend down to pick somthing up.
* Too small dressing rooms.
* I want one of those colorful, all over printed t-shirts really bad,
and they don't make them in my size !
* Being out of breath from exertion, when no one else is. :heart:

StarOrchid Sun, Feb-17-02 04:20

I love complaining
LOL! where here are some of my pet peeves:

-that my brother's girlfriend is pregnant and her little 6 yr old asked me if I was having a baby too. GRRR!
-that I'm only 22 and I have tons of sexy clothes from 2 yrs ago that I can't fit into!
-that I gained 70 lbs in two years from drinking at college parties and going to bars. Note to college students: DON'T DRINK ALL THE TIME!
-that I have terrible stretchmarks all over my stomach from gaining so much weight so fast.
-that my fiance doesn't look at me like he used to. :(
-that I HATE to look at myself in the mirror.
-that I can't see my clavical bones anymore!
-that my breasts are droopy when they should be pert at my age.

I'm gonna lose all this weight if it's the last thing I do!!!!

Stardust Sun, Feb-17-02 06:59

Here's another!
Having to lose 60 lbs. before anyone notices.

offdawagon Sun, Feb-17-02 10:13

You know why this stuff is funny? Because here, we're among friends. Friends who have been there, done that...are there, doing that. In real life, there's no humor really to the discrimination that fat people are subject to. And it's not just the general public. While my husband is very loving, very supportive and SWEARS that he doesn't care how big I am, truth is ... he DOES treat me differently at 220 than he did at 135. My kids react differently to neighbors. I think people are so incredibly uncomfortable around people "of girth" (now that makes me laugh!) that they are overwhelmed by compulsion to say stupid things and act like total social retards. JOHN2001 congratulations on your remarkable success, but I have to agree with your list of not so great things about having lost a large amount of weight. This I know for sure...the insecurities of a fat person DO NOT LEAVE WITH THE POUNDS. Threads like this one can help us all to exorcise the issues we have so they won't linger like the stretch marks we're all gonna have when this over. Thank you, Starchile, for beginning this discussion. You sound like a very bright, lovely person. Good luck and see you around!!! By the way, my biggest peave...

small bathroom stalls where you have to lean to one side to find the toilet paper holder! Good luck, good people! :wave:

joanie Sun, Feb-17-02 21:52

Fat Bottomed Girls
Was listening to Queen in the car today, and 'Fat Bottomed Girls' came on and I thought of this thread, which I had read (and enjoyed) earlier, and I just sat there in the car and laughed...and sang, really loud: "Fat Bottomed Girls, you make this rockin' world go 'round!" (or something like that -- I'm notorious for getting lyrics wrong!) Anyhow, I can definitely relate to everything that has been said...the tight seats, the special bp cuffs, the disapproving looks. It sucks, big time! But it's fun to commiserate with you guys. Thanks for the laughs! :lol:


JeanetteJ Mon, Feb-18-02 18:03

fat is not so bad, is it?
This thread is perfect for me; has got me thinking as to why it's been so hard to keep motivation to stick to this way of eating and get the weight off. because being fat doesn't seem all that bad. Even at 100lbs overweight, i carry it pretty well, and can still fit in airplane seats and on roller coasters and under seatbelts. I've never seen the fat suit on t.v. I don't notice strange looks or discrimination in the stores or out in public. At work, it's about 1/2 thin and 1/2 fat, so i fit in fine there. So WHY would I want to work to get the weight off? I have just forced myself to sit here until I could come up with 5 reasons and it's taken a very long time... but here goes.

Not wanting my picture taken with my friends and family and students because of how big i look compared to most of them; not wanting to show the pics to people.

Big calves that keep me self-conscious when wearing shorts.

Having to wear spandex under my skirts to keep my legs from rubbing together.

I haven't gone swimming since college, and even then, only a few times.

The sense of feeling enslaved to food; and I'm so good in other areas of my life, why can't I get control of this one.


JeanetteJ Mon, Feb-18-02 18:06

LOL.... I thought of 2 more!
Friends who love to talk about the 10-20 pounds they feel they need to lose.

The inward-opening doors of bathroom stalls.


Stormy Mon, Feb-18-02 21:09

My 2 cents worth
What a great thread!

I can relate to just about all of this.

I haven't worn sleeveless anything in years. . .

Going to the doctor's is a traumatic experience -- I usually end up in tears.

Everytime we've gone on vacation to WDW I've wanted to try horseback riding -- but was always afraid that they wouldn't let me ride because of the 250 pound weight limit -- and the thought of getting weighed to see if I exceeded the limit is just too horrible to contemplate! The idea of over-burdening a freaking horse is mind boggling!

Eating out -- no matter what you order, you can feel the disapproval coming off the wait staff in waves.

Riding "E.T.'s Adventure" at Universal Studios in Orlando. I love that ride! And last time I went, I was in agony the whole time because the "bicycle seat" was digging into my butt so bad!

Missing out on a promotion at work. The person who got the job isn't even a college graduate, but is of "normal" weight. (He's also a man -- hard to determine if weight was the only factor being held against me!)

Hearing people say mean things about you. I what to scream, "Hey, I'm fat! I'm not DEAF!!"

Never finding something "slinky" to wear when I'm feeling romantic! (Flannel granny gowns just don't cut it!)

Having to listen to the women I work with complain about how "fat" they are. I should be so fat!

Not having the nerve to say one of my favorite quotes, "I'm fat and you're stupid. . .but I can lose weight!"

Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

P.S. All my love goes to my DH who has loved me for almost twenty-five years and still tells me everyday that he loves me and he thinks I'm beautiful!

slim2none Mon, Feb-18-02 22:02

I can identify with a lot of the above. The one that gets me is my sister-in-law (who weighs 100 pounds, maybe) looks at me and says, "the reason you don't show your age is because your face is larger than it used to be and so doesn't show wrinkles". How is that for your self esteem? Just wait until she sees me this summer in a swim suit!

offdawagon Tue, Feb-19-02 08:17

OH MAN!! Ater years of battling weight issues, I think I've heard them all, but slim2none's sister-in-law should get some kind of award for that one! You know what...everyone out there who has serious issues with carb assimilation...being fat is absolutely not your fault. Addiction isn't a fault it's a disease. BUT ( and this is a much bigger BUT than mine, even ;) ) rudeness and stupidity have absolutely no excuse. You have to think about those comments and decide that hurting another person in order to elevate your own self-esteem is a worthwhile endeavor . And since it applies to the topic of this thread...THAT, my friends, is what truly SUCKS. I can live with being fat...I'd probably kill myself if I were ignorant.

HelloKitty Tue, Feb-19-02 10:13

My little bit of input
I can relate with most of what's been listed here. :( My biggest peeves are:
1) Un-eduacted doctors: A few years ago when I was at 145 (15% body fat), my (now former) doctor (who weighs maybe 90 lbs soaking wet and is completely anti-LC ) told me that to be in my "healthy weight range" I needed to lose at least 30 lbs. (I'm 5' 6 and lifted weights 3 times a week) :bash:
2) Buying Clothes: At the rate I was gaining, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes. At my top weight I went to a certain nation wide department store, and when I came out of the dressing room to ask my husband how the pants look, the witch sitting at the customer service desk rudely informed me "You're too big to wear those, you're going to rip the back out." :mad: I then went to a plus size woman's store and was lectured by the sales woman that they didn't have any clothes to fit me and to go somewhere else (which ties into my 3rd peeve)
3) (And my final one!!) People who also have weight problems (sometimes worse than my own), that come down on me for my weight problem. :confused:

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