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WereBear Sun, Jan-24-21 11:12

SweetLeaf: flavor and sweet Zero carb
Some of you might have heard of SweetLeaf as a stevia company. I get along with stevia most of the time, as with my favorite chocolate bar company, Lily's Sweets.

Okay, there's another endorsement :lol:

Tastebuds vary, as we all know if anyone brings up CILANTRO :agree: Recently, SweetLeaf has expanded into offering their flavors with Monkfruit, which might work for those who don't care for stevia.

SweetLeaf sells little bottles of flavoring/sweetening drops that are fantastic for hot chocolate. I tried English toffee and Caramel Macchiato, and love them both.

In a mug:

A heaping tablespoon of baking cocoa
add boiling water, stir
now add cream to taste
squirt of a SweetLeaf flavor

I planning to get more: for coffee, plain Greek yogurt, perhaps my griddle muffins. Anything where I want a shot of the kinds of flavors that usually come with a big whack of carbs.

They are quite reasonably priced, too. Lots of people rely on those sugar free Da Vinci syrups, but for me the flavor turns out to have a lot of sweet I don't want or need.

These hit the spot.

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