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sherry Lil
Mon, Apr-14-03, 17:29
Today I took a sugar free chocolate pudding mix and used whipping cream instead of the skim milk the recipe called then I added crushed walnuts to small dessert cups then put the pudding on top...it was a great treat!!!!

Fri, Apr-18-03, 11:25
Minus the walnuts. It is so creamy and good!. I do use half whipping cream and water to cut the carb count down a bit.

Fri, Apr-18-03, 12:31
You may want to try unsweetened soy milk. Only 1 carb a cup (way less then the 1 carb per TBS of cream) and I like it fine.

sherry Lil
Mon, Apr-21-03, 12:27
Tell me, what does soy milk taste like, do you think I would notice the difference??

Mon, Apr-21-03, 12:28
With all the fake sugars in the pudding mix???? Even the SF pudding mix is like 7 carbs a serving. So personally I don't think so.

If you try it let us know.

doreen T
Mon, Apr-21-03, 13:16
I haven't had any of that sugar-free pudding mix in a couple of years, but I do remember trying soy milk and diluted cream in order to reduce the carbs. My personal experience was that it only thickened slightly ... I basically ended up with sauce, not pudding. Especially with the soy milk.

That being said, it's possible that they've changed the ingredients since then, so it might work just fine. I'd suggest only buying one package just to see, rather than "stocking up" on a large quantity.


Mon, Apr-21-03, 13:41
There is also this (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?s=&postid=828103&highlight=atkins+fudge#post828103) if you can handle portion control.