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Wed, Apr-02-03, 21:04
I made the most to die for salad the other day. Actually stemmed from wanting a cheese steak sandwich sans bread. I browned some beef (used round steak but you can use any) with some garlic and olive oil. Then i sauteed mushrooms and peppers (green, red etc.). I melted a slice of montery jack cheese and then put it on top of a salad. WOW.

Sat, Apr-05-03, 23:44
That sounds awesome. I just found my lunch for tomorrow!
thanx! :yum:

Tue, Apr-08-03, 21:48
Not only does this sound good...it is! I made this for lunch and it was oh so good. I cooked the meat and peppers and then topped it with a slice of cheese and put the lid on the pan to melt the cheese. I put it over the lettuce along with all the pan drippings and it was really good. It tasted like something from a swanky eatery. YUM YUM!

Sun, Apr-27-03, 08:14
you al are making me hungry that sounds awesome, guess Iknow whats for lunch!!