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Thu, Mar-27-03, 20:19
For those interested, here is an online converter. Great for we mathematically impaired. I DON"T DO MATH!!! But I read Gone with the Wind in 4 hours. :daze:

Cheers, AJ


Fri, Mar-28-03, 09:55
Wanna race me through War and Peace? :lol:
Thanks for the converter. It will be so much handier than struggling with the math when reading non-Canadian posts.

Mon, Mar-31-03, 23:38
Ruth, you are welcome. That converter sure does come in handy for when I am reading the non-canadian or non-brit posts. I also think the aussies use the mmol also. It doesn't seem that too many people know about the converter. Any ideas on how to let more people know?

Are you just starting War and Peace? I read it in grade 9 on a dare from my English prof. But of course I don't remember a thing about it now.

Cheers, AJ

Wed, Apr-02-03, 05:26
Nope - I read it years ago. It sure is a doorstop of a book.

Sat, Apr-05-03, 16:37
...and for those who have trouble falling asleep, that book is better than a sleeping pill! (So is 'The Brothers Karamizov')

Sat, Apr-05-03, 21:43
I guess I should read it again. We could compare notes.

I know this book stuff doesn't belong on this particular post area but...

Cheers, AJ

p.s. I am not getting any notices of replies. Anyone else out there with the same experience?