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Tue, Mar-25-03, 08:31
I just found his gym log...how great! Last week I've kicked up my workouts by exercising 4 days instead of 3. Two days at the gym and 2 days walking with a friend. I also bought rollerblades and finally got my hitler helmet and my wristguards so now I should be fine on my own. Will go one more time with DH to make sure that I don't crash and burn. No gym this AM becuase I' going to clean. Yesterday though I went all out on the elliptical trainer for 1/2 and really all out for about 10 of those minutes. I think it said I burned about 350 calories. I've been doing the sit up bench and the hanging crunch I've added too and I can really tell in my baby belly!! Baby's almost 6 now, it's time to come off. My back feels much better though since I've added those. It still hurts sometimes but not nearly as bad as before. Glad I found this and I'll write more later.

Thu, Mar-27-03, 14:01
Did my usual 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 30 mins of weights today. Nothing spectacular except that it was really hard to do today. Couldn't work out nearly as hard as I did on Monday. Will either go to the gym in the AM or walk around the neighborhood. We'll see if I feel like trekking over the to gym since it's so far away.

Fri, Apr-04-03, 10:36
30 mins elliptical trainer(340 cals/2 miles)30 minutes weights. Headed out to do yard work.