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g rie
Sat, Mar-22-03, 08:30
I am a well controlled type I diabetic for 51 years. Are there any other type I's out there? I am having trouble finding information on type I and Atkins. Help!

Lisa N
Sat, Mar-22-03, 19:54
Hi g rie!

I'm not a type 1, but if you're looking for information on low carb in general and type 1, get your hands on Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution Diet by Richard K. Bernstein, MD.
He's a doctor who is also a type 1 diabetic himself who learned to stabilize his blood sugars through low carbing and actually went to medical school at the age of 45 so that he could help others learn what he had. It's got a lot of very helpful information especially for type 1 diabetics.


Fri, Apr-11-03, 11:31
Hello! Congratulations on your 51 years of controlling type 1 - that is wonderful! :thup:

I am not diabetic but my husband who is 67 years old is type 1 and has been insulin dependent for 48 years. He has always counted carbs but would just slip in a bit more insulin after eating pie or ice cream. He has always worked out and lifted weights so maybe that is why he got away with it.

About 3 months ago, I announced that I had gained some weight and was going back on Atkins Diet and asked if he would like to join me. He isn't doing strictly Atkins as his oatmeal with 3 Tbs peanut butter in the morning is almost a religion with him. His snacks, lunch and dinner are all very low carb. Before bed, he eats 3 or 4 chocolate chip cookies. I know that's weird but just by cutting back most carbs, he's been able to cut his intake of insulin by half and his blood sugars have been close to perfect.

During the 1950's when Don was new to diabetes, he would listen to Dr. Bernstein on the radio and he became Don's guru. Therefore, I would also suggest that you check out Dr. Bernstein's book.

BTW, I read recently that before insulin was discovered, very low carb eating was the way diabetes was treated. I think I read that in "Life Without Bread"

Sun, Apr-13-03, 06:34

I am a type 1 --- 10 years. WOW 51 years. Any complications?

Have you read Bernstein's book? I started this low carb stuff because I wanted to lose weight but after I saw what it did to my blood sugars I was fasinated with it and am now reading his book "Diabetes Solutions" and I want to make it a life long thing.

I can't believe how much better I am feeling. My A1c is at 8 and my goal is to get it down to 6. In the last 10 years the lowest it has been is 7.9. Before I started pumping insulin it was 9 & 10!

So happy to have another type 1

Wed, Apr-16-03, 10:32
Hi. I'm a type 1, diagnosed a bit under two years ago (age 25). I did atkins about 5 years ago with success (before diabetes), and I am seriously thinking about starting again. I have just hit my highest weight ever - 200 lbs. I have gained just about 40 lbs since my diagnosis!!! (Only 10 lbs probably related to onset of diabetes). I am very frustrated with my current diet and sugar levels and I am just always hungry. My insulin requirements have shot up along with my weight and they both will probably keep going up. Not only is the weight unhealthy, filling my body with tons of insulin isn't very good either. I have lost quite a bit of control with my HBA1c in the 8 range.

I am looking for reassurance that going truly low carb to lose weight isn't dangerous - my doctor seemed to think it was a bad idea.

Wed, Apr-16-03, 15:43

You have to read "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Bernstein. I always thought low carb diets were just another gimmick. But I promise you try eating low carb for a week and you'll be a believer! I have been doing it about 6 weeks and I can't wait to have my next A1c, 2 months ago it was 8! I have never gone for so long with normal blood sugars.

Please let me know what you think after reading it. My Dr. didn't like the idea either but when she sees how well I'm doing I bet she will change her mind!

Just read the book -- I learned so much and lots of new little tricks that work.

Gamache :read:

Tue, May-06-03, 12:15
I'm a type 1 for approx. 35 years. Just started the Bernstein plan since mid march. I'm brittle the past few years, and my doc is threatening a pump. I never followed the Exchange Diet. And when they came out with Carb counting, I loved that. I went from eating a duncan donut muffin for breakfast (55 carbs!) to 2 plain donuts (roughly 60 carbs) thinking that was fine. They told me don't count the milk in my coffee. Never mind my blood sugars were rolling from 30 to 500 in a single day. I had been switched from Ultra Lente to Lantus, but found the more I took the more I needed.

Well, low carb is helping me alot. I'm now at about 50 carbs a day, having trouble getting lower than that, but its helped tremendously. I learned the milk in coffee adds lots of carbs, and even on half and half, that's half the carbs I need for breakfast. My mood swings are much improved.

My A1C was 9.5 on March 27th, and I'd love to see it now. Go back to my doc on Thurs, to recheck.

I thank God for finding this food plan (diet is a 4 letter word, and temporary. I hope this is for life!)

Since you are well-controlled, don't know if you need this extreme action, but for me it's a Blessing.