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Mon, Mar-17-03, 08:01
Hello Everyone,
I think I have Intestinal Yeast. I have had some problems lately with my stomach and from what I have been reading, it all points to Candida. My symptoms are: gas (both ways) :blush:
grumbling stomach, bloated stomach, (especially after I eat) feel extremly full,
Continued weight gain, and not much success at losing, dry itchy eyes, fungus between toes, post nasal drip, constantly clearing my throat, loose soft stools, feeling of sudden urgency to go 3 times a day, achy joints,and very dry mouth and throat at night.

I don't know much about this condition, and any advice would be so greatly appreciated. I know that I have been doing all the WRONG things, and have almost invited this buggar into my system. I drink wine every evening, I eat mushrooms, cheese and smoked fish, sour cream, peanuts, almost on a daily basis.
I have been doing a lot of reading here and in Dr. Atkins book, but there isn't enough information.

I need to know, can I have lemon juice ~ splenda ~ decaf tea
heavy cream ~ and where do I find mayonaise without sugar added. I just read the Hellmans lable and it has sugar in it.
What about porkrinds, my staple for crackers and crunch!

And how do I start my approach of getting rid of this problem?
I need probiotics, but ???? Advice please. :D

Mon, Mar-17-03, 08:05
I forgot to ask : How did any of you realize you had this problem? Can a doctor diagnose it? :D :rheart:

Mon, Mar-17-03, 12:23
I had all the same symptoms. I cut cheese and nuts from my diet, and feel great. also no pickles.
I got the info from Atkins support and also from the book. also drink water.
Good Luck,

Mon, Mar-17-03, 12:35
It sounds like you might get into induction and eliminate some of the things causing your problems.

Take out all dairy, drink only clear liquids, and get some exercise. Moving around alot can help with some of those symptoms, and might help you feel better.

Water is your friend! The idea behind all this is to starve the bacteria until you're no longer a suitable host. I wish you the best of luck!

Tue, Mar-18-03, 04:28
And go browse through this Candida/IBS forum very thoroughly. You will probably find an answer to most of your questions here. Yes, it certainly sounds as though you have a fine case of candida there and you are not looking forward to a 'fun time' either. But forewarned is prepared. So go see what we've all been through and come back as often as you need for advice and support. The 'yeast beast' can be beaten back, but it takes a lot of time and willpower to do so. Also the more aggressively you attack it--it attacks back. You'll feel pretty bad for a while, but hang in there and keep at it. Remember this mantra: "Die you yeasty scumbags! Die!" :D Repeat it as often as necessary.... :thup:

Tue, Mar-18-03, 10:26
Thank You all for your input,
For the past few days I have been following the Protein Power Plan, I have been eating meats, and salads. with lemon and olive oil dressing.
I even had a glass of wine, but this started my stomach burning and grumbling. So I know I have to leave that out, and that is difficult for me, as it has become a nightly habit. In any case I have noticed some improvement in at least having less gas, and uncomfortable feelings in my stomach. Also I did begin reading here for information, there certainly is a lot to cover.
:rheart: Osuzana