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Thu, Mar-06-03, 01:50
I have been an out of control type II diabetic for several years. Nothing was working. I was on two types of insulin and metformin. I would be over 500 then crash to 49. Not many readings were under 200. I was OUT OF CONTROL. I started LOW CARBING. :D and HERE'S THE RESULTS:

weight - lost 11 lbs.
B/P from 148/80 to 130/78
Glucose, Serum from 223 to 160
Cholesterol from 285 to260
Triglycerides from 559 to 300
HDL from 49 to 41
LDL from no results because Trig>400 to 159

So, WOW! What do you think about that?!! :) I am no longer on insulin, now on glucophage and glucotrol and although I have a way to go yet I am so excited!!!! :spin: IT IS WORKING!!!! Where nothing else worked THIS IS WORKING!!!! Can't wait for my next report - in two months-I'll keep you posted! Ill be posting in my journal if anyone wants to peek :D :thup: :wave: Mary Lacz.

Thu, Mar-06-03, 14:30
Low carbing did it for me too.

PS. I used to date a girl in Loyalton.

Lisa N
Thu, Mar-06-03, 16:26
You're on your way, Mary! Way to go! :thup:
Just think....in a few more months, you may be off those meds completely if you keep improving at this pace. :)
I bet your doctor was standing there scratching his head. :confused:

Thu, Mar-06-03, 19:47
Hey Lisa!

You're right! The doctor just said I had to get my numbers down below 125 and he upped my glucotrol! I kept saying, "But by staying on this diet my numbers are going down!" " Can't we just wait and see?" " No," he said, "the diabetic association says you have to get you numbers under 125," yadda, yadda, yadda.....Yeah right! I'll prove him wrong. Why can't they just tell you, " GREAT JOB!" :confused:

Hey Pooch, I'm not sure where Loyalton is. I'm 1 hr north of harrisburg and 2 hrs. South of Scranton. Great to hear you had great results. What were your stats? :roll:

Mary Lacz.

Fri, Mar-07-03, 04:50
It's near Lykins. When I saw your post and where you were from it reminded me of her.

Lisa N
Sat, Mar-08-03, 09:15
Originally posted by Laczkoskie
the diabetic association says you have to get you numbers under 125

Well, he is right about that one point. While you're making fantastic progress at lowering your blood sugars and keeping them much more stable (I'll say GOOD JOB! even if your doctor didn't), you're not quite there yet. The goals that you want to shoot for are fastings and 2 hour post-prandials below 120. Blood sugars over 150 at any time cause damage, so your doctor is right in wanting to get them lowered as quickly as possible.

Keep at it and you'll be seeing picture-perfect blood sugars in no time. :thup:

Sun, Mar-09-03, 00:27
Hi, Our unit readings are different in Australia. We measure in millimoles per litre. (Does anyone know where there is a conversion chart on the internet which compares your units with ours)

For instance, My husband has to keep his readings under 8 at night and then under 6 in the morning.

We both started LC on the 1 January, 03, and he is now off his tablets! Our GP (Local Doctor) isn't very supportive of LCing. Actually, neither is Diabetes Australia. When my husband was diagnosed, the educational program that he attended, actually recommended, low fat, high carb diet. His readings went sky high and they then put him on meds.

I went on the Atkins diet and he came along for the ride (plus he had no other option!) He noticed that his BSL readings were dropping so he decided to stop his meds. When he mentioned his new eating plan to the Dr and that he was off the meds, the only comment was - it's a fad - be careful.

He has now started a journal and will submit to GP and to the association.

Lisa N
Sun, Mar-09-03, 07:20
Does anyone know where there is a conversion chart on the internet which compares your units with ours

You would take your readings and multiply by 18 or we would take our readings and divide by 18. For example 120 divided by 18 is 6.6 and 6 x 18 = 108. My most recent A1C test which was 5.3 so 5.3 x 18 = 95.4.

HTH! :)

Sun, Mar-09-03, 07:47
Thank you

Wed, Mar-12-03, 04:09
Upped your Glucotrol? It would have been better if he'd upped the Glucophage. More Glucotrol will stress your pancreas even more and make it more difficult for you to lose weight. See if you can get him to up the Glucophage instead. FYI maximum recommended dose for metformin/Glucophage is 2500mg. Maximum *safe* dose is 4000mg (per mfgr info). So go for the Glucophage...and preferably the XR (extended release) version as it is easier on the digestive system. Glucophage will not interfere with weight loss but Glucotrol most definitely will (I went through the same battle with my doc, I *told* him I was coming off the Glucotrol, so he worked with me and now I just take 1500 mg XR (down from 2000mg--which is what he upped me to when I dropped the Glucotrol)

Fri, Mar-14-03, 10:32
Hey KJ, Sorry to take so long to get back here--I've been away and haven't been able to get to this.. I came on once and someone needed something and haven't been abel to get back since!

Thanks for the info. I tend to be more timid with doctors although I am getting better at it with the low carbing ressults. I am already on glucophage 2000 units a day. I had a bad feeling with the glucotrol but without it, glucophage dosen't work for me. I need both of them to bring down my sugars. That's not to say it won't come down sticking to this woe. My "goal" is to be without any medication but I may have been too "out of it" and may have done too much damage. We shall see!!! MaryLacz

P.S I'm going to ask about that extended release glucophage though. Thanks for the tip! ;)

Sat, Mar-15-03, 17:36
For me, the Glucophage XR works much much better than the regular Glucophage/metformin. Plus I don't get the digestive upset the non-XR form produces.

Wed, Mar-19-03, 19:10
Hey KJ -

I used to be on here everyday and now I can hardly find the time. It has been two weeks of runnning and driving the kids everywhere and anywhere but home!!

I know what you mean be digestive problems with the glucophage! I never had the runs so bad - especially when I would eat fatty food. Now, I'm ok so long as I don't eat the carbs. Imagine that!!! It wasn't the fat!! Mary L.

Thu, Mar-27-03, 20:16
Hi Kanga, I have found an online converter. Here is the site.


Try it and good luck!!!

Cheers, AJ :)