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Thu, Feb-20-03, 17:54
I was just wonderng why you're not supposed to have caffeine on the Candida Diet? I've looked all over the internet and the only reason that I've found is b/c it lowers your immune system. Has anyone heard anyhting else about it? Does it actually feed the yeast??

Fri, Feb-21-03, 04:04
Well, as a diabetic, I know for sure that caffeine, especially coffee caffeine, will raise my blood sugar significantly.

Fri, Feb-21-03, 08:40
lol I juat read your qoute about everyone having a horese!! :lol:

well, I think tht caffeine has no effect on me. I wonder if it would be okay then? I dnot know what was wrong w/ me yesterday but I ate sooooooooooooooooo much yogurt. wow.
Thanks fo ryour help KJ , anyone else here anyhitng about the caffeine?

Fri, Feb-21-03, 23:45
If you tend to have PMS then you may need to give up the caffeine.

Sat, Feb-22-03, 14:02
Aha! I have the answer - Why no caffeine?

One cup of non-decaf coffee can kill of 75% of the beneficial bacteria that are in the colon. Since you REALLY NEED the "good bacteria", eliminating caffeine entirely is a must.

Hope that helps!! I gave up a 20 year coffee habit, and it was hard. I weaned off gradually. I bought decaf coffee and slowly replaced the decaf with the regular. Took about two weeks to do it, but no headaches.

Now I am addicted to decaf tea. But I think it is a healthy addiction. :roll:


Sun, Feb-23-03, 01:17
Thanks jessea, I didn't know that.

BTW, to decaf drinkers out there: If you can find Luzianne decaf--BUY IT!! It's great. You use 1/2 the amount of regular decaf and it makes a really bold flavorful cup of coffee with no trace of bitterness. I *love* it but it's really really hard to find. I can't find any stores that stock it, I've only found it (so far) in discount groceries. (Read that as 'discard' groceries! Ones that buy out the stock of other failed groceries)

Sun, Feb-23-03, 11:54
oh, okay Goodbye Caffeine!!!!! I was taking these Metabolift pills but I think I'll stop b/c they have caffeine in them. Thanks Jessea!

Sun, Feb-23-03, 15:27
Hi! I have received so much great information and help on this forum, that I am always glad to return the favor.

By the way, I have seen Luzianne tea out here, but never the coffee. I will try the tea, and let you know if it is as good as the coffee. Do you know what I really miss on this low carb WOE - Chai. It is so good, but loaded with sugar and honey.

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Mon, Feb-24-03, 23:03
Now I'm confused. I have read a lot of material over the past couple of days regrding the 'Candida diet' and what to eat/what not to eat.

There appears to be conflicting information. On at least one site I saw 'weak black coffee or tea' allowed, but NOT decaf. On another, the opposite.

Can anyone provide the definitive answer? I'm planning on starting on Nystatin today, along with a more rigorous version of Atkins for the Candida (no nuts, no cheese).


Tue, Feb-25-03, 09:24
I would play it safe if I were you and stick to decaf. I did read that caffeine kills of some of your good bacteria. I have stuck to decaf the whole time on Atkins, strictly because he says caffeine can mess up your insulin levels. Everything I have read about caffeine lately is negative, and if your system is overburdened already (from Candida), you would do well to eliminate it.

Also, some diets say no cheese at all, Atkins says cream cheese and mozzerella are okay. For some reason, and I always have loved cheese, cheddar cheese tastes bad to me lately. I have been eating cream cheese, putting cream in my tea, and have had parmesian occasionally, and my yeast symptoms are lessening.

I would like to stress that the only sweetener that is "legal" on a candida diet is Stevia. Stay away from aspartame, Splenda, etc. These all feed the yeast. You might notice incredibly strong cravings for sugar while you are on the candida diet. Just don't give in, tell yourself that it is the yeast that wants the sugar, not you, and you want them to DIE! So, don't feed them!

You might want to get some molybdenum, a nutrient that helps with die off symptoms. Drink ALOT of water. Peppermint tea helps with nausea for some people. I felt much worse before I felt better, but don't give up.

Good luck, let us know how you are doing!!!!


Wed, Feb-26-03, 01:05

I will do my best to give up caffeine (groan!).

As for the cheeses, initially, I will try to avoid all cheeses, and then perhaps have some cream cheese or mozzerella.

Nuts and vinegar are also to be avoided, as I understand, so I will try to avoid these too.

I began taking Nystatin and Acidophilus yesterday. Can someone give me an idea of how long it takes for the 'die off' to begin?

Hoping to be yeast free soon,

Sun, Mar-02-03, 00:29
Most of the 'no decaf' folks object to the way the coffee has been decaffeinated, rather than the fact that it is decaf. Usually the 'no chemicals in any form' crowd. Personally, I don't care *how* it's been decaffed, I just know I simply can't have the caffeine because it really raises my blood sugar and it brings back my PMS symptoms, plus I no longer like the taste (yes, I can 'tell')

Sat, Jul-07-07, 12:28
Aha! I have the answer - Why no caffeine?

One cup of non-decaf coffee can kill of 75% of the beneficial bacteria that are in the colon.Can I ask where you read this?

Mon, Jul-09-07, 20:18
This is a gray area as far as the decaf, ok....not ok. I was under the assumption that it was the caffeine in the drinks that raises blood sugar and therefore bad for candida and also the ingredients in them that will kill the good bacteria. All coffee is said to be bad because of the ingredients in them as well as any black teas.....including decaf tea. I have been drinking green tea, but I do KNOW for a fact that herbal teas are best.

I also read where caffeine will kill most of the bacteria in the gut but I can not remember where I read it because I have read SO many things.

Tue, Jul-10-07, 05:29
Well I'm not one for taking advice without reference to a source. I'd like to see a study or something into caffeine killing 75% of gut flora with up to 6 hours to repopulate. If that's the case I'd think that most people would have a case of candida.

I did a lot of scouring and found the reason for no decaf is because coffee is acidic and thus isn't optimum for your stomach - that's all. So have it with food or something alkali and you've no problem. I must say that anti-candida advice is welcome, but I'm getting quite fed up with contradictory evidence which is usually because one of the advice givers is prescribing advice without explanation as to why, and it's not usually canidida specific.

Another example: aspartame. Sure, going without is better but when you can't have sugar, aspartame can be what stops you completely failing. So it's a lesser evil BY FAR.

The biggest one is of course when people try to get healthy in general, low fat is advocated, despite that an intake of 80-100g a day with a third of that being saturated is optimum for hormone production, vitamin absorption and metabolic efficiency which is why the weight loss slows after a few weeks. There's so, SO much rubbish out there.

Wed, Jul-11-07, 15:00
........and that's the problem SimonG. Decifering the rubbish from the real stuff that will help properly. The doctors can't even agree, so there is no proper guidance here. What is needed is research. BADLY!

I have never read about caffeine kiling 75% of good bacteria, but like I said I have read of it killing some...if I recall it said 50 million gut flora per cup....but then again I can't remember where I read it.....I've been searching for it. No luck so far. That again could be innacurate as well. I like to be honest about what I post. It does make a lot of sense that if it actually killed THAT many everybody would have a problem. But it also doesn't mean that it doesn't kill some. ?????????'s and no answers. THE SINGLE biggest problem here is no acknowledgement of the illness and therefore no proper guidance.

Thu, Jul-12-07, 02:52
Well yes this is the problem. Here in the UK the medical service is very open minded - people can get acupuncture and hypnosis on the National Health Service, i.e. for free!

Additionally they do offer tests for candida and so do recognise it but this of course depends on the doctor as some have a hard time believing in mental illness - too 'old school'. All of them bar one are useless at my local surgery so I'm always sure to make sure I see her. I've had a stool sample sent off and it looks like I'm candida free, plus I've tried munching loads of sugar to no ill effect to confirm this.

However, having Asperger's Syndrome (being on the autistic spectrum), my gut flora is different - normal candida without overgrowth gives people like me problems in itself, I've been in contact with a specialist department in the University of Sunderland that researches autism and diet and am following their advice. It's more about keeping it in check than defeating and overgrowth. Sadly this means it is a lifelong thing.

Fri, Jul-13-07, 17:05
Yes, I do feel for you, but at the same time I am glad that you have doctors there to acknowledge and help. I am to say a bit jealous (good jealous) that you can find care but bitter at our health care system for being so stuck in the middle ages about it. It's SO frustrating. Every time you ask them a question....they have no answer but they ALWAYS have a pill they want you to try!!! Usually something that is going to make candida 10 times worse!

Right now I can't even help myself with natural herbs and meds b/c I am a bit strapped for money....that sux to think on the thousands I have spent out of my OWN pocket is going to go to waste because I can't keep up the money to save myself. I can't work yet because I feel to ill. I've been searching other avenues and maybe cheaper ways of doing it. What we need is a solid plan as far as diet & meds.....what to take when and for how long and what we can eat at the different stages. And solid recipes to go with it all. It's like this: we feel so ill we can barely think for ourselves, let alone tie our own shoelaces some days. We need a 'candida plan for dummies' to get us through this, instead we have to wrack what brain cells we feel we have left researching all of this stuff because nobody will help us.

You will have to keep a constant dietary plan. I have been looking into this other website. Maybe take a look and tell me what you think. They seem to have a lot of recipes too, even breakfast! My last plan didn't help enough with the waste expelsion. (sp?) My meds seemed to be working ok but I was still bound up. And the diet got really old.


good luck to you and let's keep each other chugging along. ;)

Sat, Jul-14-07, 09:04
Make no mistake - the UK's NHS is FAR from perfect. From what I know, Europe has it best.

However, our free healthcare service does piss all over the US's, despite the limits on funding from the fact that it's tax based.

There are a few holistic treatments available on the NHS but they are only in cases where people feel they are really warranted. A pill is still favoured over acupuncture for depression for instance, and on the whole although they recognise the benefits of herbal supps, they don't prescribe them.

Candida especially - although accepted by my GP, it is not by the majority and to be perfectly honest I don't think she'd know enough to treat it properly, although she'd certainly help from the prescription strength anti-fungal point of view.

good luck to you and let's keep each other chugging along. ;):D

As far as herbal remedies to aid go, I'll tell you what I recently found out: stomach acid. If it's too alkali, it favours the candida and not the bacteria. I know someone who recently rid himself JUST with hydrochloric acid supplement which is very cheap! Having the right pH levels also aids absorption of calcium and protein.

It is about a whole approach, so I recommend some HCl for yourself ASAP - I'm consulting with an autism specialist that specialises in autistic diet about if this affects me (as I mentioned above I don't have an overgrowth, just natural amounts which cause me trouble due to my differing gut flora - damn Asperger's, grrr).

Info: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=729924#i

As for working, are you able to claim any sort of incapacity benefit at all? Of course we're back to the US<->UK thing here; 'The Land of the Free' doesn't enable people who are unable to work to be able to enjoy it's 'freedom' through looking after them ('freedom to' vs freedom from' it's a political/philosophical concept), especially as - like with free education - if they're given the help they need, they can better help the state that helped them get better/qualified as they can then earn, and in turn pay tax. Which is how an economy far smaller than yours like us manages all of these free services.

I'd wager that any form of disability of incapacity benefit is miniscule compared to what the UK and Europe get and I don't see a problem with that - those less able should be supported by those who are moreso; it's within human nature.

/end of philosophical rant

Sat, Jul-14-07, 13:10
How do you know if your stomach is too alkali? Is there a doctor who could do a test on stomach acid, like a gastroenterologist? I'm trying to spend my energy on something that is solid rather than treating a guess, you know what I mean? I'm not sure what to do as far as the supplements you mentioned but I DO have an acid problem in my stomach. I have to take pills for, of course!

As far as the good ol government helping.......while we are on one income and make ends meet with just my hubs'.....the gov't here consideres him to make too much. Which is absurd considerings it's a one income house with three people and lots of medical problems. (My son has many as well) But they don't care about any of that....they just look at what he makes. If we split his earnings in half it would be about what two people make on average here....but that is barely enough to get by,
let alone if there are other problems such as this to where you can not afford anything extra to help yourself. The doctors do not recognize it and you are on your own and herbal supplements are not covered by insurance.....so you have to pay if you want to help yourself.

Sun, Jul-15-07, 03:58
Well, this is the problem. The thinking is that it's caused by candida preventing calcium absorption which results in a more alkali environment.

If you have acid problems and are taking antacids, I'd say it could have gone the other way as a result.

On the flip side, if you are still getting acid problems then I doubt you have trouble with being too alkali.

I found this:http://houseonahill.net/2007/02/22/about-ionized-alkaline-water/

...the important aspect being that one of the kids in the household had stomach problems but being too alkali presented similar symptoms. I'm still researching this myself so I'll let you know if I find anything, but remember: Google is your friend! ;)

Wed, Jul-18-07, 14:17
TY........I will look into this.....I too love to google.