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Wed, Feb-05-03, 10:30
I was just reading thorough some of the posts on hre and I came oacross one that said that diabetic medication slows down the process for type 2 diabetics. I was just wondering if Type 1 diabetics have the same to worry about with their meds :q:

Lisa N
Wed, Feb-05-03, 16:46
Some oral diabetic medications slow down weight loss, especially if they stimulate insulin production, but others (Glucophage specifically) actually help with weight loss in a lot of people.
Since type 1 diabetics produce no insulin of their own, I don't think that they would experience the same type of problems losing weight that a type 2 would experience, especially since they control how much insulin they take in and base it strictly on how much is needed to process the food that they eat throughout the day. OTOH...if they were eating a high carb diet making it necessary to inject large amounts of insulin, I would think that would make losing weight more difficult.