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Sun, Feb-02-03, 10:40
Well, doc prescribed glyberide last visit but I have not taken it lately. I took it for a few days with my evening meal (2.5g) and it made very little difference in my morning reading.

For the past week, I've been skipping the glyberide and have increased my bedtime metformin to 1250 mg and my readings have been consistently in the "normal" range - 4 to 6 in Canada.
Low carbing has helped, of course, but I was low carbing when the readings were high so the meds are working!

Thanks for all the advice and support.

Lisa N
Tue, Feb-04-03, 17:56
Glad to hear that things are settling down, Ruth!
I experienced the dawn phenomenon when I first started too, but after a few months it resolved on its own.
Perhaps it was the combination of time, low carb and adjusting your meds that produced the results you were after. Any way you look at it, those numbers are great and I think you made a wise decision to wait on the Glyburide!

Tue, Feb-04-03, 20:42
Well, Lisa, you helped me make that decision. The advice and support in here is phenominal!

I go back to the doc on Feb 13th with my husband and intend to give him my stats and maybe give him back his glyberide! :lol: However, I'll wait until then and try not to be too smug! :D I've been wrong before - been married twice.

Thu, Feb-06-03, 07:51
I was just a wee bit smug, I guess as the fasting readings have been 7.4 (133) the past two mornings. I'll watch carbs carefully today and put the metformin up to 1500 if needed. I do not want to take that darn glyberide!

Lisa N
Thu, Feb-06-03, 15:44

You mentioned in another post that you were eating dinner fairly close to bedtime (I believe within 2 hours). You may want to eat earlier...say around 6 or so and see if that helps. Dr. Bernstein recommends that you don't eat within 4 hours of bedtime. It's worth a try to see if it helps.

Fri, Feb-07-03, 07:33
Thanks, Lisa. I am easing dinner a bit earlier every night. As soon as the weather is better, I'll be walking the dogs AFTER dinner which will help even further. I've also been having a late afternoon snack of cheese or something and eating a much smaller meal at suppertime.

Hubby Harry's problem is that he wants to go to bed right after the meal. I've been planning videos lately which keeps him up longer. He is on glyberide (10 mg) and I'd love to get that gone. However, his two brothers died of Type I in their 50's and he (81) has this attitude that he'll live forever! Oy vey!

Lisa N
Fri, Feb-07-03, 21:00
Originally posted by Ruthxxx
his two brothers died of Type I in their 50's and he (81) has this attitude that he'll live forever! Oy vey!

Hmmm...I don't know about forever, but certainly longer if he can get tight control over his blood sugars. Personally, I don't plan on living forever...just long enough to become a problem to my children. :D

Fri, Feb-14-03, 08:17
No more glyberide! I gave the doc my BGL record and he is pleased all to heck! Then I told him I had NOT taken glyberide but had increased my metformin to 1250 and low-carbed to get the results. He still thinks I should get 60% of my calories from carbs but is gradually seeing the light. I also lent him the Bernstein book! We will change the medical profession yet!
By the way my BGL levels were well within the acceptable range during the whole period!
Now I just need to keep on trucking!
Thanks for all the support.

Lisa N
Fri, Feb-14-03, 13:51
Yeah, Ruth! :cheer: