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Wed, Jan-29-03, 18:03
Caffeine...good, bad or indifferent?

I drink a full thermos full everyday without fail...no sugar and just 1/4 cup cream at the most...

Any info or personal experiences?? :wave:

Lisa N
Wed, Jan-29-03, 20:05
According to Dr. Bernstein, high doses of caffeine can stimulate gluconeogenesis. I'm not sure if an entire thermos of coffee would constitute a high dose, but it certainly is more than is recommended for most people.
When I was first trying to control my blood sugars with low carb, I found through the frequent testing that I was doing that caffeine did indeed cause my blood sugars to run higher. Now I don't typically have more than two travel-size mugs of coffee a day and it doesn't seem to cause any problems.
If you think caffeine may be causing you a problem with elevated blood sugars, try cutting back or cutting it out completely for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Since you're used to drinking quite a bit of coffee, you may want to cut back gradually instead of going cold turkey or you could find yourself with a pretty severe headache from the caffeine withdrawal. Maybe try using regular coffee in the morning and decaf in the afternoon or mixing half and half at first and gradually increasing the amount of decaf over a week until you are completely using decaf?
Unfortunately, we often have to be our own guinea pigs to find out how different things affect us.

Sat, Feb-01-03, 01:08
Caffeine/coffee most DEFINITELY causes a high rise in my BG. I now drink decaf, but not often. I've gotten used to drinking water these days and I prefer it. But on the occasion that I will drink coffee I like Luzianne Decaf with chickory. It has a VERY bold taste and is not at all 'wimpy' like most other decafs. The only drawback is it's very hard to find.

Wed, Feb-05-03, 10:35
I was an avid drinker of diet pop/ soda...whatever you want to call it (I am from Canada). Once I started on my LC I cut it out completely. Let me tell you I feel soo much better and it has only been a couple days. Caffiene and also the aspertame in the diet stuff cause a resistance again insulin. I think from personal experience that to cut caffiene...has made my life so much better. There will be cravings for it, but I think you can handle it :) I have faith in you. I know that I am not talking about Coffee but It might help you or someone else in this area! :p