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Mon, Jan-27-03, 17:16
I have been a low carber for 3 weeks now. My doctor told me that if my BG level did not get better it would be time for insulin injections. I had no idea what that would do for me, except that it was a last and unavoidable step for all type 2 diabetics. :skull:

I hope I was wrong. :doah:

I did a lot of research on the 'net and discovered Atkins. Looked at it for awile and went to some forums, like this one. Somewhere in my travels I heard about Dr. Bernstein;s "Diabetic Solution". I got the book, studied it cover to cover and learned how to adapt the Atkins diet to treat my diabetes. Dr. Bernstein also painted a very effective "visual" of what happens as soon as a carb hits my saliva. I have to tell you, with that visual in mind, I take NO carbs if I can help it, and any I do take I count, count, count and make very sure it's unavoidable!

The poor Atkin's people. :confused: They pretty much have to take it on faith, shrinking waistlines and keto sticks to indicate progress in thier eating habits. As a lucky diabetic I get to poke myself and test my blood glucose (BG)whenever I want to get a very clear "visual" and proof that it is working.

I am still very new at this but I have seen an improvement from a BG of 250-300 whenever I checked (which was not often, who needs to be reminded and depressed) to a count that ranges between 120 before dinner ( a record for me) to 150-170 after dinner. :thup:

The key for me..I see the relationship on a scale between carb count and BG levels. Check out "mydiabetes.com" if you are a diabetic and start usung the diary. You WILL see the the coorelation...It's a real eye opener! :dazzle:

My public diary at FitDay:

Mon, Jan-27-03, 19:16

Thanks for the useful information on the Diabetic Solution book....

Best of luck to you w/ your Diabetes.......

I am a new Type II Diabetic this past year & just last week started on Glucophage... It is a bit scarey thinking this is really happening to me.... :(

Mon, Jan-27-03, 19:33
How do you test your blood glucose level? I found finger sticking painful and bloody. I use one that tests on your forearm.."freestyle". It is painless and quick and, for me, makes testing often possible and not such a drag.

Mon, Jan-27-03, 19:37
I have been using the finger poke.......... I guess it really doesn't hurt ... But, it can be messy............

My Diabetic Nurse Clinician advised that I use the finger poke... As I am new at this I take any info I can get....

Lisa N
Mon, Jan-27-03, 20:48
Something that helps lessen the pain of the finger poke is to make sure that you don't have your lancet set too deep. You only want it deep enough to give you a drop of blood, not necessarily make you bleed freely. Another good tip that I got from Dr. Bernstein's book is to not use the alcohol wipes; aside from making the finger poke sting more, the alcohol also causes premature callousing of your fingers (something you definitely don't want as a diabetic). DO make sure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water prior to finger pokes, though, and rotate your testing sites.

Mon, Jan-27-03, 21:58
I also find that it hurts less AT the stick and after if you use the side of your finger/thumb instead of the pad.

Tue, Jan-28-03, 00:50
Go ahead and try poking elsewhere. I poke on the top of my wrist close to the hand. I've tested on the wrist, forearm and knee and I've found there isn't a significant difference in the finger stick and the wrist (maybe 3-5 mg/dl difference). I've also found out my meter reads 20 mg/dl too high (something I'd suspected for several months now). My A1c's were always coming in much lower than my 14 day average on my meter (pleasant surprise) and I usually test between 2-6 times per day. Since I test so much and I have a job where I use my fingers (keyboard) I just *can't* finger stick.

Tue, Jan-28-03, 08:42
When I was told to test, I cringed at the thought of finger tests! (My husband does that and I have to leave the room as he does it.)
I got the "Freestyle" and it is excellent! It only needs a tiny dot of blood and the prick is barely felt. Hubby is changing over to it too.

Lisa N
Tue, Jan-28-03, 19:15
I guess I'm so used to the finger sticks that they really don't bother me at all anymore. I also use the sides of my fingers instead of the pads because I also work at a computer all day.
When this meeter wears out, I'll probably consider switching to the alternate testing site meeter, but for now it's not a big enough hassle to toss a less than 2 year old meeter that still works great.