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Mon, Jan-27-03, 15:39
I have been a low carber for 3 weeks now. My doctor told me that if my BG level did not get better it would be time for insulin injections. I had no idea what that would do for me, except that it was a last and unavoidable step for all type 2 diabetics. :skull:

I hope I was wrong.

I did a lot of research on the 'net and discovered Atkins. Looked at it for awile and went to some forums, like this one. Somewhere in my travels I heard about Dr. Bernstein;s "Diabetic Solution". I got the book, studied it cover to cover and learned how to adapt the Atkins diet to treat my diabetes. Dr. Bernstein also painted a very effective "visual" of what happens as soon as a carb hits my saliva. I have to tell you, with that visual in mind, I take NO carbs if I can help it, and any I do take I count, count, count and make very sure it's unavoidable!

You poor Atkin's people. You pretty much have to take it on faith, shrinking waistlines and keto sticks to indicate progress in your eating habits. As a lucky diabetic I get to poke myself and test my blood glucose (BG)whenever I want to get a very clear "visual" and proof that it is working.

I am still very new at this but I have seen an improvement from a BG of 250-300 whenever I checked (which was not often, who needs to be reminded and depressed) to a count that ranges between 120 before dinner ( a record for me) to 150-170 after dinner.

The key for me..I see the relationship on a scale between carb count and BG levels. Check out "mydiabetes.com" if you are a diabetic and start usung the diary. You WILL see the the coorelation...It's a real eye opener!

My public diary at FitDay:

Mon, Jan-27-03, 17:07
Hi there!!

It sounds as though you have done your homework and have a very good handle on what your body needs and how things affect you.As I am not diabetic,I cannnot relate all that much but i have read many books and i do firmly believe you chose the correct way to go.Hmmmm,makes you wonder how many folks would be healthy today if not for our flip-flopped pyramid!??! :confused:

I just stopped by to welcome you and wish you all the best in your LC WOL!You will find more support here than anywhere else so if you ever have questions ask away...these folks really do pay attention and do answer. :thup:

If you haven't already,start a journal so we can peek in and follow your progress! :)


Tue, Jan-28-03, 08:41
You're right. We do get instant feedback as to how the low carb plan is working by checking outr blood sugar levels. Congratulations on your fantastic progress.

Wed, Jan-29-03, 15:20
I am (or was) hypoglycemic and an Adkins fan. I have lost 95 lbs and have not had a problem with low blood sugar in almost 9 mo.

I used to do the finger stick thing 6 time a day, and now I only check once every 3 or 4 weeks.

People would be suprised how carbs can change your blood sugar.

Keep it up, it's worth it.