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Fri, Jan-17-03, 08:34
I have had high blood sugar for a very long time. The Atkins diet has kept my levels within range during the day but I have found that even though I have nothing to eat after the evening meal and drinking only water that during the night my levels rise into the 150 range. during the day they have be running in the 100's. Is anyone else having this problem? can anyone explain this? Any info will be a big help. thanks.

Sat, Jan-18-03, 05:30
This is actually a little bit normal for diabetics. The foods you eat in the evening are not getting digested properly while you sleep, which raises your sugars throughout the night and particularly in the morning. You might try eating earlier and giving yourself at least two hours after your last food before going to bed. Also, mention it to your doctor. There are other methods of dealing with it, as well.

Sat, Jan-18-03, 17:23
Same problem here! Just had bloodwork for HA1C and kind of expect it to be around 7 although morning fasting levels are much above that!

Sun, Jan-19-03, 09:29
Hi Ruth

I had my HA1C in November it was a whopping 190... Havent had one sence the Atkins diet but my levels are down just higher in the morning and I eat like at 6pm every day for my last meal and NO snacking after that I only drink water. I have a DR appt. Thursday I will talk to him about it at that time. My fasting level at 14 hours was 140 Doc says it was still to high.

Sun, Jan-19-03, 10:08
Gee, K - sounds like we are related!

I have an appointment this Thursday too. Last time the HA1C was 6.9 (124 US). I am hoping it comes out lower this time since I've been low carbing. I suspect the doc will up my metformin from 100mg to 1500mg to try to bring it down. I guess I'll just quit worrying about my high morning readings for a while - 7.9 (142 US) this morning.

We do eat dinner very late - at 8 some nights - so that could be part of the problem with my high morning readings. I've been trying to get the dinner hour moved to 6:30 for years but DH has a real European attitude about dinner! :shrug:

Sun, Jan-19-03, 17:50

That may be part of the problem your eating late in the evening. My HB will not eat if I dont have it on the table early. I do believe we are very much alike. Good luck with the doc, Will let you know how mine goes as well.


Mon, Jan-20-03, 04:06
Well go ahead and feed DH his European style dinner. You can still eat much earlier. However, if he is truly European in manner he will insist you join him. In which case eat 'a bite' of everything instead of a whole meal. You BG will still go up at night, though, but maybe this'll make it not go up too much.

Wed, Feb-05-03, 00:00

I have experienced the same as you for many years now...I know that sounds like another " I know what you are going through" type deal...but I do, as do mnay of these other people. I went to the docotr and reported the same problem as you were having and many of the above reasons are right. But I am going to add one more thing to the list.... HORMONES. It's true a diabetic body will producce a hormone only during the night which will raise the bloodsugar thoughout the night.
I hope this helps out a bit. :)

Wed, Feb-05-03, 15:45
I have been battling a similar problem. I go from a low of 120 in the afternnon after starting around 220 in the morning.

One clue for me..and this is sort gross, thanks for sharing, but one evening after dinner I got sick :Puke: and lost everything. That has never happened to me before unless I had the flu. Didn't dare eat again until the next day figuring it was the flu.

Well, it wasn't the flu..woke up fine the next morning and my fasting BG was 168!

I also started strenght training the next day and while my fasting BG is still high it is now in the 190 range. So ...at least going in the right direction.

Only problem is I am a night eater...I can eat scraps all day but come dinner, especially after dinner I remain in a snacking state. I am combating this with eating more fat and pork rinds..but that's a different story...

Thu, Feb-06-03, 04:07
Actually, Scott, some folks have been reporting better a.m. BG's readings by eating fat at night before retiring. Some say a large pat of butter will do it. I haven't tried it yet as my a.m. BG readings don't fluctuate all that much.