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Sun, Jan-12-03, 11:02
My DH has recently advanced from oral meds to insulin for his diabetes. Last week, we returned to LCing after a 6 mos absence to improve his health.

I've always been concerned about "ketosis" for diabetics....but noticed someone on another post refer to "ketoacidosis".

Can someone explain the difference?


Sun, Jan-12-03, 11:19
To quote Doreen:

"Benign dietary ketosis is safe for both Type 1 and 2 diabetics. Diabetic ketoacidosis results from uncontrolled high blood sugars, and no insulin for the sugar to be taken into the cells. The body will break down fat to make ketones for fuel, since it can't use the sugar. It's the high sugar that's the problem and what causes the acid condition, not ketones .. which are a result of the problem, not the cause.

A diabetic who is carefully controlling blood sugar with carb-restricted diet and insulin or medication as prescribed by their dr .. will not experience ill effect from ketosis, any more than a non-diabetic low carber."



Sun, Jan-12-03, 11:49
Thanks Karen...

This forum is such a wealth of information.

I'm fairly comfortable with my own knowledge of LCing, however,
now with the addition of insulin...DH has been forced to become aware of his diabetes. Before...he had the notion that as long as he took his meds...he could eat and drink whatever he liked!! Now with 2x daily blood testing...he's seeing for himself the affects (or is it effects) of his actions.

He still leaves the technical stuff to me and I don't mind...but maybe soon you'll see him here pouring thru the posts.

You guys are all awesome!


Sun, Jan-12-03, 12:05
For details on all kinds of keto-somthing, check this post:



Sun, Jan-12-03, 16:42
Thank you Wa'il...what an excellent post.

I guess I erroneously confused the two conditions :daze:

I guess that's why I love this forum so much......someone always has the correct information.

Thanks again