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Thu, Jan-09-03, 22:17
Firstly, thanks to all of you out there. You have been wonderfully supportive. A whole bunch better than the med proffesion.

My ? is. Does anyone out there notice a tingling in their tongues when sugars are going up or down? I have asked 4 doctors about this and they just look at me as if I have two heads. And not only that but don't offer anything even remotely informational.

I have searched diabetes web sites and no reference. Perhaps real people like all of you might know if this is not just me. I am tired of being patted on the head and basically ignored. HELP!

Cheers, AJ

Thu, Jan-09-03, 22:19
Way cool!! I seem to have reached registered status. It is sooooo very nice to belong.

This #*~&% disease is crummy enough let alone to feel as if I am struggling by myself.

Of course then I do have you guys. THANK YOU !!!

Cheers, AJ

Thu, Jan-09-03, 22:57
Hi A.J.

I haven't experienced toungue tingling myself, but I saw it in a list of hypoglycemia symptoms. It was either Dr. Berstein or a book called Blood Sugar Blues (don't have my books with me right now). Whichever, you appear not to be the only two-headed tingler around!


Fri, Jan-10-03, 08:13
Congrats on reaching Registered Status!

Couldn't you just knee your doctor? I hate it when I get that "look". I ditched my last physician over not listening to me and have a gem now who usually asks me what I think before he speaks. Great guy who is a white knight in the fight against this disease.

Sorry I can't help on the tingling - have not been at this long enough.

Sat, Jan-11-03, 11:01
Thank you Ruth for your reply. I have fired 3 doctors and the one I have now is not useful in the diabetes department. I am still looking for a good one.

Cheers, AJ

Thu, Jan-16-03, 23:33
I have tingling like you describe in my feet (sorry, not the tongue). Goes like this:

Sugars below 150, no tingling.
150 to 175 tingling in both feet.
over 175, tingling stops.

Tingling starts again when my sugar starts to drop back into the 150- to 175 range, and goes away when I drop below 150.

These numbers aren't exact, but I have tracked it several times on the way up, and the way down, and the pattern is very consistant.

Actually, it's kind of neat. It's like a built in alarm that tells me when I've gone too high, and also to let me know that I'm comming back in line.

Hope this helps,