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Sun, Feb-02-03, 11:29
Here's how I make my Chicken Salad and my Tuna Salad.

Cooked Chicken
(I use a broiler chicken from the grocery store deli...easy :) )
or canned Tuna
Chopped boiled eggs
Chopped dill pickles
A little chopped onion
Chopped Celery
Hellman's Mayonaise
Salt & Pepper to taste

Don't let the dill pickles throw you. If you haven't tried it, do...they are really better than the sweet pickles...and very low carb. I only use Hellman's as it is much thicker than some brands. :)

Paris :D

Mon, Feb-03-03, 15:34
The one that I use that is so tasty (and unfortunately I can't remember where I got it so i can't credit the person who came up with it!) is with cheese adn bacon. Here are the basics:

Grilled chicken breast
red onion
red pepper
bacon (I use 4 slices for 2 breasts)
shredded chedder (I use 1 cup for 2 breasts)

Makes 2 servings. Can't remember how many carbs and depends what plan you're on anyway (since some don't count carbs in veggies and cheese and things like that).

Try it, it's delicious!

Thanks all for the tuna reciepes!

Mon, Feb-03-03, 18:24
Hi, tammay... :wave:

why don't you just switch the chicken to tuna (well drained) and use all the other ingredients you already use for the chicken salad? Sounds like it would make a nice tuna salad to me. Never thought of putting cheese in. Will try it the next time I make either one. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

I would leave out the salt as this could leach the moisture out of the red pepper and the onion. Salt it just before you eat it if you must have salt.


Mon, Mar-24-03, 10:55
I found this on suzanne somers website

tuna salad

1 can albacore tuna drained
4 tablespoons mayo
3 stalks celery finely chopped
1/2 med red onion
juice from one lemon
freshly ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon dried dill
lettuce cups

4 to 6 iceburg lettuce leafs
2 to 3 chopped plum tomatoes
3 green onion

place ingredients for tuna salad in bowl and mix till well combined
place a large dollop of tuna salad in each lettuce leaf garish with tomatoes and green onion fold up like taco and enjoy

Mon, Mar-24-03, 15:29

You might try using the "solid" instead of chunk tuna in the can...That way there are more real tuna chunks...and even mixed with mayonaise, it's not as watery...... :D

Fri, Apr-04-03, 14:47
tuna in the puches is much better than the canned tuna. the meat is firmer, the taste is fresher and there is a lot less mess. i find that if i tear where it says to tear and then run a knife along two more sides of the package it falls out cleanly and there is very little watery mess.

they are a bit more expensive but many stores have them on sale weekly or monthly.

you will notice a drastic difference in texture and taste when you use these. so much better.
good luck