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Fri, Dec-27-02, 15:00
I just tried this and it came out tasty:

I put approximately 1 cup frozen cauliflower florettes in micro safe bowl. Defrosted for 2 minutes on high. Broke the florettes into little pieces - something like the size of macaroni. Added 1 tbs of half and half ( heavy cream would work too), 1 pat of butter, sprinkled on about 1 tsp of wheat bran, sprinkled with pepper (I like a lot) and covered with shredded cheddar cheese - probably 2 or 3 ozs. Popped back into micro for another 4 minutes on high (or until cheese is melted).

The wheat bran counteracts the sweetness of the cauliflower and makes it taste a bit more like real macaroni. I didn't overcook the cauliflower so it had that 'al dente' feel of macaroni...

Approximately 6-7 carbs...


Thu, Jan-02-03, 20:10
this tastes really really good with salsa on it (especially JC's Midnight salsa - best salsa I have tasted)