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Fri, Dec-20-02, 12:58
I have read Eat Yourself Slim and am still confused. I am afraid that I am getting the same unfortunate message I get with many low carb books, "Eat no sugar, low carbs. Oh, and don't eat all that much fat either. And oh, even though quantities really aren't limited, eat moderately."

So basically you have a low carb, low-moderate fat, fruits and veggies diet.

My basic question is, can I eat unlimited quantities of food as long as they are following the montignac method? Can I eat as much skinless chicken as a I want for dinner? Even if it's 10 pieces? As long as there are no hi GI carbs in the meal?

Please, let me know.


Sat, Dec-21-02, 15:02
My take on Montignac is the following:-

Avoid sugars (especially refined ones)
It isn't really low carb... it is pick your carbs carefully (i.e. low Glycemic Load / Low GI)
It isn't even necessarily low fat... again, it is pick your fats carefully! Limit butter, especially in cooking. Poultry fats, fish fats, olive oil - they are "good"

The focus is much less on amounts of carbs / fat / protein per day and more on a balanced, heathly (i.e non supplement guzzling!) diet.

If you are confused about how to construct a menu, and I admit it is confusing until you get in to the hang of it, I'd highly recommend getting a Montingac cook book - it takes the guess work out of things, and you'll be surprised by the variety of food you can eat, even on Phase 1.

That is how I started on Montignac, and so far so good!

Happy holidays!