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Thu, Dec-12-02, 22:39
I was just wondering if anyone else was on glucovance? If so I was wondering how you were liking it? Do you ever have low blood sugar levels? When I say low I mean like in the 60's ever eventhough you know you eat so you shouldn't be having low blood sugar levels? Just kinda curious what everyone thinks about glucovance.


Fri, Dec-13-02, 01:44
I wasn't on Glucovance per se, but I was on Glucophage and Glucotrol, which is essentially the same thing. Yes, I did sometimes get readings in the low 60's, even got into the 50's once or twice, but I never 'felt' it. If I hadn't measured I'd've never known it was that low. I'm now only on Glucophage XR, but 2000 mg. I did NOT like the sulfonylurea! I couldn't lose weight on it. I don't think BGL that low is a problem (still in the 'normal' range) unless it adversely affects you.

Fri, Dec-13-02, 09:31
kjturner -

I am like you. I have not even realized I had low BGL until I tested. Now for the first time this week I actually noticed it. I went to long between my morning snack and eating lunch. I felt extremely sick but at no other time have I know I had BGL until I tested. My nurse practisner(sp) says that it is to low. And I need to have my medication adjusted. And my internist says if I do not have any symptons of low BGL's not to change my medication yet since I was only diagnosed in the middle of October.

Thanks for the info though. I have been looking on the net here and there to find people who are on glucovance to see how they like the medication and what not.

Have a great weekend!


Fri, Dec-13-02, 12:46
Middle of October is long enough for a change if you've been low-carbing since then. I'd listen to your nurse practitioner and at least ask for a lower dose. Have you told your internist that you're low-carbing?

Fri, Dec-13-02, 19:02
I have told my doctor I was somewhat low carbing. She does not really support it to much. She believes all of her patients in the past who have done the low carb thing have all quite because there wasn't enough variety. I have been looking for a doctor in my area who supports low carbing. Haven't found one yet.


Sun, Dec-15-02, 13:09
Well, good luck with the doctor search, though it doesn't sound like your current doctor is completely against it. A lot of people do give up because they're bored with the diet, but I think it has more to do with their lack of committment to it than boredom. I say that because there are SO many ways to add variety to this way of life that boredom has only been a problem for me in the first two weeks - mainly because I was the only person eating this way and had to cook for my family as well. Now, we're all on Atkins and it's easier for everybody.

I went on Atkins because my health required a change. At the time, I had no idea it would ever be anything more than a diet for me. I didn't know it changed body composition. Even after reading the book, I didn't believe it would be as powerful a way of life as it is. I have a long way to go to improve my health and now know that I will ALWAYS need this way of life to stay healthy, even if I ever reach my goal weight. That gives me the impetus needed to FIND variety so that I CAN make this a way of life instead of a diet. The nicest part about low-carbing, in my opinion, is the fact that you never need to go hungry - ever.

If you don't think you could do a low-carb lifestyle for years, if not forever, there are other options. Low carbing isn't for everyone, just as eating a low-fat diet isn't for everyone. But, I don't think boredom is a "real" problem. When I was eating low-fat, I took a few years to adjust to that way of eating and learned how to put variety in a diet that seemed very unappealing to me when I began. Trust me - nobody EVER said I shouldn't do it because I might get bored with the available menu items.