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Tue, Dec-10-02, 12:04
I used to have problems with my sugar dropping before low carbing: Headaches, Light headed, dizzy but then I low carbed and those symptoms went away. Now that I exercise in the morning, I have been having my symptoms again. To make it worse I take Ridalin for my ADHD and I forget to snack in the morning and in the afternoon. Is my problem low sugar or could it be something else. Its definitely not my heart, my doctore checked that already. Thanks

Tue, Dec-10-02, 12:18
I'll bet it's deydration! I know when I started exercising I had to increase my water by ANOTHER 16 oz. a day (UP TO 100 oz total), because I was getting bad headaches at night and sometimes felt light-headed. After I increased my water that solved the problem!

Lisa N
Tue, Dec-10-02, 16:20

Would it be possible for you to check your blood sugar when you get these symptoms? It could be dehydration as Teri mentioned or it could be low blood sugar as you suspect, especially since you're not making a habit of having a snack in the mornings or afteroons. You could also try having a small snack after you exercise to see if it helps or perhaps a protein shake.