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Sat, Dec-07-02, 16:37
Hi, Looking for some help in the Edmonton Area. My dad is diabetic and we've read most of the Diabetes Solution and he wants to do it. However, he's scared of Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Anyone know of a doctor that will work with this book in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area??
So far he's switched to bacon and eggs for breakfast and his morning blood-sugar is in the low 7's. So he's very interested.
:q: Also: how do you convert the blood sugar readings from the American numbers to the Canadian numbers??

doreen T
Wed, Dec-11-02, 11:40
hi Jo,

First .. you might have the most luck working with an endocrinologist, rather than his GP. Try the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) website .. there's a directory for finding drs. in your area, and you can narrow the search to a specific specialty. Check them out here (http://cpsa.softworks.ca/findaphysician/medical_directory.asp).

re - Hypoglycemia .. Is he taking medication for his diabetes? This can cause hypoglycemia especially if his blood sugars are coming down with the diet. Don't stop taking prescribed drugs without medical supervision though. If he's just controlling with diet, then hypoglycemia can be prevented to a large degree by eating smaller more frequent meals and snacks, and making sure to have some protein each time. Never eat carbs alone. A protein snack in the evening MAY help prevent fasting hypoglycemia in the morning, but again this depends on medication.

*note - to convert glucose readings from mg/dL (US measure) to mmol/L (rest of the world) .. divide by 18. This is only specific to glucose though.



Wed, Dec-11-02, 17:33
Yes he takes med's. Dad's on a coctail of about 15 pills. He's had it for 13 years. The doctor's say he's on the max dosage of pills and in June I went with him to the clinic or training session again and they put him on nightime insulin.

As far as I know, there are only 2 endroctronoligists in town that are taking diabetics - one Dad won't talk to because he's an insulin pusher and the other one was teaching the 60% carb, 3 oz protein class in June.

Dad's been really good about following the regular high carb diabetic diet but now it's not working for him anymore - his blood sugar is swinging around more (especially now that he's on insulin). If The Diabetes Solution book does what it says it should, when Dad starts following the meal plans, his blood sugar could go too low with all the med's he's on.

I'm hoping there is someone on the forum with diabetes that has a doctor in town that is tolerant of this book.

Thanks for the formula to switch from US to Canada that helps explain things in the book.