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Thu, Nov-28-02, 16:56
Ok, so I know I'm probably being impatient, but.......

I started low-carbing around 6 days ago and am already seeing good results. My morning readings are always higher than during the evening. This morning my BGL was 11.0 which is a great improvement on 15.4 which is where it was this time last week. My evening readings are around 10.0 which is an improvement of around 14.0 before LC.

I am getting anxious to see it within the normal range at around 5.0 (or at least under 8.0 in the morning).

Realistically, I know everyone is different, but how long should it take for me to get into the normal range?


P.S.... I really appreciate all the help. I am really determined to get my BGL into the normal range and keep it there.

Lisa N
Thu, Nov-28-02, 18:01

Even on 1000 mg. of Glucophage, it took me about 2 weeks to get my blood sugar from an average of 250 fasting (13.8 by your scale) to consistantly below 120 (6.6) after that, it took a few more weeks to get it to be consistantly around 100 or so. My morning blood sugars stayed higher than the rest of my readings for several weeks, but eventually levelled out too.
Be patient, you are seeing improvements already but you aren't going to achieve normal readings overnight. If your readings have been that high for a while, you really don't want to get it low super fast; you'll probably feel hypo if you do so go slow and try not to be impatient.
After 19 months on low carb, my most recent HgbA1C was 5.3 without medication which my doctor is thrilled with. I'd like to see it closer to 5.0, but for now I'll take it.