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Sun, Nov-24-02, 20:02
Does anyone out there have experience or know someone who is using metformin as a type 1 diabetic? I used it before starting on insulin and am wondering if I could replace the long acting insulin with metformin.




Sun, Nov-24-02, 20:46
Hi AJ,

What does your doctor suggest?

I think you need to discuss this with him/her and follow his suggestions. Experimenting with diabetic medications should only be done under medical supervision.


Lisa N
Tue, Nov-26-02, 15:39
Hi AJ!

Good advice from Rosebud there. Don't mess with your medications or dosages without consulting your doctor first.
Glucophage is given to some insulin dependent diabetics to make their tissues more sensitive to the injected insulin and hopefully by doing so to decrease the dosage of injected insulin necessary. It's not given to replace long-acting insulin.

Tue, Nov-26-02, 17:45
Hey there! Thanks for the replies. I was just curious if anyone out there was using it.

As for the doc? Not very useful I'm afraid. None of the medical people have been much use. I have pretty much had to figure out everything on my own.

I'm just concerned that I am still taking too much insulin even though I am low-carbing. That may be the reason that I am not losing any weight.

I am determined to figure this one out.

Thanks again !

Cheers, AJ