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Thu, Nov-21-02, 19:51
I found this pyramid in Outsmart Diabetes.
All though it is getting there they still want to feed diabetics too much sugar.

dairy 1/2-1 daily
furits 2-3 daily
nuts1/2-1 daily/fats 5-8 daily
starches 4-6 daily
Protein 8-14 daily/veggies 5-6 daily

based on a intake of 1799-2000 calories to 125-180 grams of carb in a day.

Fri, Nov-22-02, 01:17
Ah! Here's the real low-carb pyramid!

Low-Carb Pyramid (http://www.lowcarbing.com/ntools/lowcarb.htm)


Fri, Nov-22-02, 06:47
They had a long report on our local news last night about "inverting the pyramid". I believe they said this was based on a new Harvard study. Anyway, they put processed carbs AND red meat at the tip. BUT, good fats made up half of the big bottom section. It wasn't on long enough to really study it, but basically they were saying that fat is not the enemy, and that good fats such as olive oil are a healthy and important part of the diet. And of course, that breads, pastas and sweets are to be used only sparingly.

Fri, Nov-22-02, 21:56

Did you see this? Sounds like we're making some headway!