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Tue, Oct-29-02, 11:23
I've been on Atkins for about 12 weeks and have seen very little change(lost seven pounds) despite being really faithful to the induction rules. This just may be a WOE that doesn't work for me, but I think I've tried just about everything else but the ZONE. I've checked into the Zone a little and it certainly permits many more carbs than Atkins or Protein Power, so it doesn't really seem low carb to me. I'm on a beta blocker for heart rate control (not blood pressure) and I've read that this may be a problem. I probably can't change this medication, although I plan to talk with my cardiologist about it. Has anyone had success on the Zone after trying Atkins? Anyone have any advice?

Tue, Oct-29-02, 16:02
I have not tried Atkins, however, the Zone diet supplemented with fish oil may be the answer for you. IMO Atkins allows way too much sat-fat. Not good for the 'ol ticker!