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Tue, Oct-29-02, 07:46
My wife was diagnosed with hypoglycemia by our phyicisian. He gave her a fruit diet to help her through the day. He is opposed to vitamins and nutrients but I am a firm believer of them. My wife likes the doctor and has no intention of finding a new one.
Can anyone suggest vitamins and nutrients she can take?
She is only taking One_A-Day vitamin and B-complex. I thought that Chromium picolinate might help her.
By the way, she told me that you can't take vitamins and nutrients together. Is this true?

Tue, Oct-29-02, 09:36
Hi msorgen I've had hypoglycemia for over 15 yrs. Chromium is very good they say.When i first got it I tried it but I'm allergic to it watch for those symtoms. B-complex is great!!! If she wants to just take a multi vitamin make sure it is a good one. I take a lot of vitamins everyday.Has she done any reading?? The more she knows the more empowered she will be. The Drs.aren't very imformative.Ther are alot of books in the library to help her. You might want to try to get her to eat this way. It is so much better for her.The Dr. put her on a fruit diet , this is going to make life harded for her eventually. This woe is a lot better for us hypoglycemics. The protein will help her more ,people will proably tell her candy will bring her sugar up this use to make me very sick,I haven't done that is years. Cheese and peanutbutter are good this to have with her. Good luck!!!

Tue, Oct-29-02, 10:34
I find it interesting that your doctor would put her on a fruit diet for hypoglycemia. My doctor was the person who firmly suggested a very LOW carb plan and sent me to a dietician because I needed learn that alot of fruits will/do upset my system.


Thu, Oct-31-02, 00:02
Yeah, the roller coaster ride hypoglycemia gives you would be aggravated by eating a lot of fruit. I'd say most of us who post to this forum probably started out hypoglycemic (I did) before we became diabetic. I'd be *highly* wary of following this plan. You may want to get her to take a glucose tolerance test. If I had known then what I know now, I'd've known when I had my glucose tolerance test about 10 years ago that my pancreas tended to overreact to sweets by flooding way too much insulin into my system--thereby causing hypglycemia, but in time that overreaction can cause the body to become desensitized to the insulin and the pancreas has to create even more to flog the now desensitized insulin receptors to react to the insulin, which creates even more insulin resistance. A very vicious cycle which ultimately results in diabetes if left untreated. Ask any of us here--we know. Go pick up Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution (2002 edition) and read it carefully cover to cover, then come back here to the low-carb forum and ask anything you want. We've all 'been there done that'. If we can save your wife from becoming diabetic then we'll have our reward.

Thu, Oct-31-02, 09:16
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Yeah kjturner I love your post.I am still hypoglycemic that's why I'm eating this woe. I am doing better. Were you hypoglycemic then went diabetic??? How long ???Thanks rosethorns

Thu, Oct-31-02, 17:24
I had a sister die from diabetes. You should discuss with your wife the seriousness of the issues should she become fully diabetic. Then she might think again about getting a doctor who understands the appropriate treatments, fruit consumption is not appropriate.
The stages in diabetes that I have seen from my sister are

amputations of the legs (mulitple) and then wheelchairs

destruction of the kidneys and then dialysis 3 times a week



Now if that doesn't make her want to get a doctor who knows what he is talking about then I do not know what will.

You could even take a trip to Doctor Bernstein's clinic in New York.