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Tue, Oct-22-02, 16:17
I am just starting the CAD diet and I ws wondering how many carbs are you allowed to have for each low carb meal. Do I just take in about 10 carbs each per meal or is it lower. This is not counting the reward meal.


Wed, Oct-23-02, 14:07
I keep my carb count to 4 at CM,higher at RM..hope that helps..

Thu, Oct-24-02, 11:13
Has the diet been working for you???


Thu, Oct-24-02, 12:03
I am losing 3 lbs a week,so yes,I'd say it's working quite well..best thing is,I am not hungry between meals and I get to have my ice cream every nite!!

Thu, Oct-24-02, 12:08
Thats what I like about it too!! I can have my ice cream!! I am not hungry between meals and I feel great. I am at 158 and I want to get down to about 145. Well this makes me feel a lot better know that there is proof that it works!! Are you doing plan D or plan B? I am at Plan B right now but I plan on moving to plan D next week.


Thu, Oct-24-02, 14:48
I am doing plan B this week and plan on doing plan D next week. Now, What I am a little confused about is on this reward meal, I can have WHAT EVER I want as long as it is all consumed in 1 hour. Is this right??


Thu, Oct-24-02, 14:56
well, that's the confusing part..yes,you can have whatever you want,but I try to make sure each part is equal,like 1/3 protein,1/3 low carb,1/3 high carb..I don't always get it right,but try to...also,I begin each reward meal with a salad,just because I need the added fiber and it fills me up so I don't eat a GALLON of ice cream!LOL!If you want menu ideas and or support,feel free to e-mail me....vbubbie~aol.com

Thu, Oct-24-02, 15:02
Thanks! I will do that. I really need help on the reward meals. Is there anyway I can get an example of one. I have been eating wahtever I want and therefore what I eat may not be helping me out.


Thu, Oct-24-02, 15:39
I have to eat out a lot due to work. Any suggestions on a balanced meal???

amy :wave:

Thu, Oct-24-02, 16:46
Is there any other way to go about Drinking? What if its low carb beer???


Sat, Oct-26-02, 17:47
Make sure your reward meal is balanced. That means approximately 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 of carbs (including dessert and alcohol), protein and vegetables. Also try to start your reward meal with a small salad. That way you won't get out of control. Also check your other meals for hidden carbs. Protein shakes and bars are not allowed on this diet because of possible reaction to sugar alcohols. Also diet soft drinks, sugarless gum and, in fact, all sugar substitutes are also limited due to insulin reaction.s A carbohydrate addict is very insulin sensitive to sugars and sugar replacements. If you get them at your other meals, your insulin will surge and your appetite can get out of control at your reward meal. Remember insulin is the hunger hormone.

It is important to follow the one hour Reward Meal limit, that is what controls your insulin levels. You get used to it after a while. Do not stop and start your meal again later for dessert. Have your meal and then dessert. Also if you're eating in a restaurant, don't touch your beverage until your dinner comes, have them bring appetizers and entree together. When you are half done with your meal, order dessert, if you want it.

The reward meal can be moved to any time of the day for special occassions. The reward meal can also regularly be at any time of day you choose, don't move it around except for special occassions/events. Some of my best weight loss on CAD was to have my reward meal every day for lunch. That strategy gave me a chance to work the extra carbs off through the rest of the day.

Alcohol is only allowed at the reward meal and subject to the constraints of the 60 minute limit. Beers, low carb or otherwise are only allowed at the reward meal. I think low carb beers have over 3 grams of carb/serving and are therefore restricted.

If you have cravings on CAD or have trouble stopping at your reward meal, you need to examine the non carb meals for hidden carbs. Carbs (other than allowed foods) at non carb meals/snacks can cause insulin surges and rebound appetite/cravings. Shakes and bars are notorious for this effect in carbohydrate addicts.

Hope it helps.

Wed, Nov-06-02, 13:25
Hi Ladies:

Could you please give me examples of what you're eating at your CMs? I'm afraid I haven't been very organized about getting the proper foods in, so at lunchtime I tend to get frustrated and just skip the meal altogether.

Thanks for your help!

Wed, Nov-06-02, 13:33
I am having problems. I can't decide which diet to follow. I feel like I get to carried away on the CAD diet with the reward meal and on the Atkins diet I am having a hard time with the sweet tooth. I am taking in 25 carbs a day on the atkins right now. I really need to stay focused though and that is were I keep falling off becasue I want icecream or carbs just in general. Please help, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :roll:

Amy :rolleyes:

Wed, Nov-06-02, 15:18
Hi, Amy....I hear your confusion.....

I am no expert at this, by any stretch of the imagination, but IMHO, you should concentrate on one plan at a time. After you have one plan firmly in place, then decide whether you want to follow it to success. Check out how you feel, and whether you are losing weight. Give it at least a week, I'd say. Longer if you can.

If you decide to change plans, give the new one the same opportunity to work for you by concentrating on it until you learn whether it's going to be your plan for life. Bringing concepts from a previous plan into the current one is confusing and counter-productive.

CAD/CALP does not concern itself w/ calories, weighing/measuring, grams of fat, protein or carbs at all. If you have the book, read up on how to balance your Reward Meals.....start w/ a salad, then have approximately equal parts of carb, protein and the "craving-reducing" vegetables. You do not need to measure or weigh anything, just "eyeball" it on your plate, and make each of them about 1/3 of the total food you plan to eat, just as Zuleikaa said.

Eat all you wish of your meal, but be aware that if you are still hungry after finishing the entire meal, you can have second helpings of everything. It is not necessary to have another salad if you take seconds.

If you go back for second helpings, do the same balancing act, and be sure you eat approximately equal amounts of carbs, protein and LC vegetables. Resist the urge to eat up all the carbs and leave the rest... :)

Anything sweet, such as drinks, desserts, candy, etc., and alcohol all fall into the "carb" 1/3 along w/ the bread, potatoes and pasta, even if they are not physically on your plate. Try not to unbalance this part of your meal.....a little practice, and you'll do just fine. Remember, you get to practice every day!

If you find that you do crave carbs, cut back a bit on the 1/3 of carbs at RM. That should cure the problem.

Another reason you may crave carbs is if you go over the one-hour limit at RM. Don't do this. It will undermine your progress. Read up on the insulin parts in your book.....that's the explanation of why this plan works.

Just relax, and give yourself some time to try CAD/CALP. After all, it's a lifetime thing, right? You can afford a few days to decide. But one plan at a time! :)

Wed, Nov-06-02, 15:26
Thank you so much!!! That helps out a lot! :wave: :wave:

Amy :D

Wed, Nov-06-02, 15:29
Originally posted by JudyTrue
Hi Ladies:

Could you please give me examples of what you're eating at your CMs?

Hi, Judy.....I haven't been hungry, so have skipped most CM meals, but when I do eat them, they consist of half LC veggies and half protein. Chicken Caesar salad w/o croutons is a good example.

I just had a hamburger patty, mustard greens w/ scallions and garlic and a cucumber.

I've also had a chunk of cheese and cabbage cut up into 1-inch squares...this is particularly good when driving or waiting for an appt or some other deal where I have to eat on the run. Those little mozzarella string cheeses work well.

Tuna, egg or chicken salad w/ lots of celery, black olives and dill pickles is another good CM for me. I like it a lot...never get tired of it.

Cream cheese and celery is good, too, although light on the protein. If I can find it, I add some lunchmeat w/o sugar or fillers to pump up the protein, or a hard-cooked egg. But the Hellers do say that one may choose to eat more LC veggies than protein at RM or CM, so it's really up to you.

Go shopping for a bunch of stuff on your "Craving-Reducing Foods" list, so you are prepared and won't have to skip meals.

Take care....