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Sat, Oct-19-02, 19:25
Hi everybody, Not sure where to post this so I thought this forum would be good. If it's wrong, maybe Doreen will move me!!

My mom has my grandmothers old cookbooks. Last night I was looking at one from 1923. Whole section in the back of book was dedicated to low carb for Diabetics. All the meals stress meat, custard (sweetened with saccharin) and veg. No breads or sugar. All the desserts are made with cream, not milk. Interesting eh?
It's called the Canadian Cookbook, Ryerson Press, 1923.

:wave: Bye, Nancy

Sat, Oct-19-02, 21:00
Interesting and sad.

I can remember my grandmother....she drank no milk, couldn't have sugar at all, and bread, pasta, potatoes were all limited.

I actually checked the ADA site to find out just when it became ok for diabetics to have sugar. Mid 90's is what I found. They do recomend that diabetics avoid sugar, candy, etc....but they can have cake, icecream, puddings....anything they want, as long as their carb count doesn't go too high!

How many years did they manage diabetes well....granted with a strict diet, but pretty much managed.....then all of a sudden they change things all around?!?!?!?! Makes no sense to me!

Thu, Oct-24-02, 04:30
You oughta go read the ADA website closely. There is a *real* scary study in there where they decided sugar was OK for diabetics because they found when they allowed sugar as part of the carb count the blood sugar was affected in a similar way as bread and pasta. So their conclusion was sugar was OK since it wasn't any worse than bread and pasta!! Well Duh!! Of course you won't find ANY study where they severely restricted carbs. They have a study where they increased the protein, and lowered the carbs, but not to a significant level (like 30 grams or less) and their conclusion was that a high protein level doesn't significantly change anything. They steadfastly *refuse* to test the Atkins type diet at all. Granted, they admit that carbs must be somewhat restricted, but as we all know, they don't recommend low enough. They also still adamantly refuse to endorse fats. Which I find amusing since when I'm having trouble controlling my sugars, I switch to a high-fat way of eating for a while. (And yes, my cholesteral is much improved eating that way--flys in the face of what the AMA recommends)
...oh and if you look carefully, you will actually find a place where they reluctantly admit that high triglycerides can be caused by eating too many starches...)