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Fri, Jun-15-01, 18:33
whew! I had a hard time figuring out how to post a message. I have been reading posts off and on for about two weeks now. I started on the Protein Power plan, slightly modified, two weeks ago, and lost 6 pounds that week. Then, i went out of town for a week, and I've probably gained it all back. Decided to sign up, and join in this support ring and try to keep myself accountable this time.

Fri, Jun-15-01, 18:56
hi jeanette! welcome!! don't be down on yourself for your dinner out! you're still learning the ropes! you've come to the right place for support! there's a great group here! check out the tips at the top of the page. there's some great advice there.
remember we're all in this together!:D

Fri, Jun-15-01, 19:03
Welcome aboard Jeanette, we'll keep an eye on you ;)


doreen T
Fri, Jun-15-01, 19:24
Glad you signed up and joined us .. :)

Like debbie says, don't beat yourself up ... you can look back at two weeks ago as a "practise run", and so you already have some experience.

Welcome aboard; I look forward to reading all about your success.


Fri, Jun-15-01, 20:02
Okay, please help! I normally feel fairly confident that I am computer literate, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to log in, when I got back to this site. Finally, I went to 'edit profile' and a login screen popped up for me. Surely I am missing something here!!

Well, I still feeling guilty about my weeks worth of 'dinner's out', but not as guilty as I did the first two days, when I started out trying and then blew it. the rest of the week, I just gave up, and decided I might as well enjoy myself. Bought some candy tonight, but I guess I shall have to give it away, or throw it out, before morning because I have to do this!!! Thanks for the encouragement.


Fri, Jun-15-01, 20:10
Re: Login, to login automatically make sure your browser allows cookies. If you prefer not to use cookies, you can update your options on this forum (Click Profile, then edit options) to remember you and NOT use cookies. This should work.

If you encounter any problems, just let me know what browser you are using and what version, but I'm confident (he says) that the above options should fix it. :)


Fri, Jun-15-01, 20:57
Mission accomplished. I had set it to not use cookies, which is what I wanted (although I'd like to eat some right about now), what I couldn't figure out was how to log on. I had no problem locating the big logout door icon at the top of the screen, but somehow missed how to get in. anyway, in search of the 'edit profile' link that i origionally clicked to post that last message, I couldn't find it! but, I did manage to the see the 'Not cookied? log on with user name and password' at the bottom of the page. Ta da! In I came! Now I guess I am officially here to stay.

feeling silly, but quickly getting over it,

Sat, Jun-16-01, 11:55
Glad you joined us Jeannette!
:) Look forward to hearing lots more posts from you!