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Mon, Sep-16-02, 19:16
I look back many years and I can see the signs of hypoglycemia; and since LCing in April of this year I had no symptoms at all until recently.

My dh posed a question to me... When I had plenty of fat stores to burn, my symptoms dissappeared because I dropped all the foods that caused insulin spikes. Now that I am close to my goal, there are less and less fat stores to burn calories from and therefore have to make it up in the amount of calories that I take in. And that Is why I am getting horrible symptoms back. Because my body is used to burning a certain amount of calories. Only the calories have to come more from the food I eat rather than the stored fat.

Is this how it works?

If it is, then it makes sense. Or am I not thinking right here.

Mon, Sep-16-02, 21:43
I think you DH is on to something! :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

Something to ponder as the pounds drop, along with bGs and hopefully insuline resistance in my case.

Thanks Colleen! Great question - I hope other LCers will bring their own experience on this issue.

Please keep us posted!



Mon, Sep-23-02, 05:31
hi !!
colleenski, that sounds right to me!! i am about 10-20 from my goal, and in the beginning i didnt feel bad at all cutting back, but i get funky symptoms now too!! i know for a fact that i am not taking in enough of calories. so, if i am really determined and eat more of the "good" foods, i do alot better. someone told me that they added a piece of fruit daily to there diet , and their symptoms went away. i am going to get some "good" fruits today at the store, apples, pears, cherries, berries. i got some really good grapes last week, and i know this is a "bad" fruit, but i still think that it is better in the long run, than eatting a candy bar!!!!
i also felt better last week when i ate some extra carbs for energy. i guess there is a delicate balance. did you ever go to fitday.com? i just checked it out last week, and its really cool. it helps you with everything.. i am still trying to figure out my balance of protein and carbs, that i need!! take care hun!!! let me know how you are doing!!
paige17257 :daze:

Mon, Sep-23-02, 08:37
Hi Paige, I'm glad fitday is helping ya out. Be careful with the fruits and have small amounts with high protein and you should do fine. I had to cut out caffine completely and drop the snacks I had added in. Like 2 cups of airpopped popcorn. And, one slice of whole wheat bread.
There is a possibility of allergies which could worsen hypoglycemia.

It's all still a trial and error, guessing game at this point.
I'm doing better, but still crash about 3 or 4 times a day. They are not as intense, but still wipe me out.

When the finances look better, I will try to get into the doctor and get a diagnosis as to what is causing my problems.

Went to church yesterday, and the Lord was sweet to my soul. He reminded us that we don't have to live in fear. I went for prayer and healing, didn't receive it, but I felt a sence of peace about my situation. Thank the Lord!

I still can't figure out the pm feature. I'll keep trying so I can keep in touch with you. Have a wonderful Monday with your kiddos!