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Sat, Sep-07-02, 11:45
I have to be on a low carb low protein diet what do I do? I have absolutely no idea where to even start, I need to lose weight not only to help with my diabetes but for me. any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Sat, Sep-07-02, 15:15
Hi there Irisheyes,

We need a bit more information. Why do you need to be on a low protein diet?

If you have received medical advice that you need low carb and low protein, I would strongly urge you to follow your medical practioners advice.

It also depends on what exactly you mean by "low protein." Most of us try to eat "adequate" protein, which may be perceived as "high protein" by those in the mainstream who are used to eating and advocating high carbs diets.


Mon, Sep-09-02, 19:52
Hi Rosebud
All the doctor told me was that I have protein in the urine or I did have. I have absolutely no Idea how to or what to eat, my menus for the week so I can plan out stuff for work. the doc didnt tell me anything about the diet except low carbs. so I am totally clueless.

Mon, Sep-09-02, 20:02
Hi Irish,

If you have protein in the urine, you need to have further tests to establish what exactly is wrong.
Are you aware of having a urinary tract infection(UTI)? UTIs are the most common reason for a spill of protein into the urine.

You really need a blood test to find out your actual kidney function. If your doctor won't order this test, you need to change doctors!

I don't think anyone can give you anymore help until you know that your kidneys are okay.

They probably are - and if they are, I would suggest you buy and read Dr Bernstein's Diabetic Solution. Dr Bernstein is a diabetic himself and many diabetics have not only lost weight, but also improved their diabetes using his plan.

If you do in fact have a problem with your kidneys, you will need to be under specialist care and follow his/her dietary recommendations. I strongly suspect you are just fine or the doctor would not have mentioned low carb.

All the best to you, matey!