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Fri, Sep-06-02, 12:28
This has become one of my favourite LC items, and I've served them to party guests who just loooooved them!

This is how I made them, but you can customize to suit your tastes....

Large Portobello Mushrooms (these are your "crusts")
Red Onion (chopped)
Red Pepper (chopped)
olive oil
minced garlic
1 can crabmeat
8oz (1 pckg) cream cheese
shredded cheese (nacho type - cheddar/mozz/monteray)
tomato (sliced)
spices to taste

In a bowl, Mix the softened cream cheese & crab (& chill for a bit, if possible)
Take the stem out of the Portobello, being careful to keep the mushroom intact.
Brush off any dirt with a damp cloth.
Place the mushroom (empty stem side up) on a cookie sheet or in a pan
Spread a bit of olive oil & minced garlic over the mushroom
Spread the crab/creamcheese mixture over mushroom
Sprinkle chopped onion/pepper over top
Place a tomato slice on top
Sprinkle with s&p, basil, whatever spices you like
Sprinkle with parmesan & shredded cheese

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, then broil for about 5-10 minutes, until the toppings a browned a bit.

Once the mushroom "pizzas" have cooled a tiny bit, they can be served whole or cut into slices. KNIFE & FORK MANDATORY!

You could skip the crab/creamcheese and just use pepperoni, chicken, salsa, whatever!!!


Tue, Sep-10-02, 10:44
I'm going to try this. I am loving all these new interesting ideas. Cooking is fun for me again.

Sun, Oct-27-02, 21:52
I cant handle the mushrooms -- but I think I might something like this on eggplant.

...If it is a total disaster I'll come back to warn anyone else not to try it..... off to that kitchen, I've been missing pizza.

Although, I did pan fry pepperoni, and cubed chicken and toss mozzerella on it the other day and that was tastsy.

Mon, Oct-28-02, 22:05
I'm definitely gonna try out this recipe. Sounds delicious. But if you're missing pizza, you have GOT to try the Deep Dish Pizza Quiche (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44087) :yum:

Mon, Oct-28-02, 22:19
That Quiche Pizza looks great! Too bad I've already eaten tonight. I love the pepperoni "crust" idea too. Afterall that is my favorite thing on a pizza. Now maybe it will be my favorite thing under a pizza

Thanks for the link

Tue, Oct-29-02, 07:42
Sounds great. I'll be having this for a snack on the weekend.

cin :)

Wed, Oct-30-02, 23:42
Ohh the eggplant version was sooooo good! I made it on a very simple recipe.

Pan fry thin sliced eggplant in olive oil, garlic salt, and italian seasoning.
Lay the eggplant out on a large cookie sheet. Spoon rub a light coat of tomato sauce over each (? 2 tbs total) Cover with mozzerella and pepperoni and green pepper.
Toast in the oven - Voila! Delicious!

Thanks for the great idea! I needed a change from my routine.