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Mon, Sep-02-02, 09:20
Hello. I have been following Atkins for almost 5 months and I have talked my diabetic/hypoglycemic mother to try this WOL. I looked on Atkins site and not much info there on specifics on following the plan if you are diabetic. My book is on loan to a friend (DANDR) so I am not sure if there was info in there or not. Does anyone know how to find specific info on this or direct me to someplace. Most doctors don't seem to like the LC WOL. Her's included. So we'd like to go against her doc and give it a shot. She is extremely obese 400+ pounds overweight. I truly believe this WOL will help her lose weight considering all other diets have failed and all she lives on now is carbs. Thanks in advance.

Mon, Sep-02-02, 14:13
Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution is the book for her, this is a low carb approach specifically designed for diabetics. It also covers many diabetic issues that are not to be found in other low carb books. Here is the web page.

Thu, Sep-05-02, 13:12
I've been on Atkins ever since I found out I was a diabetic. I follow it as it is directeted in the book. When I'm on plan my bloodsugars are stable!